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Import Message

Important Message As we continue to evolve in 2012. We want to let you know that we will continue to work hard to bring you great entertaiment. Help MinDepth become one of the elites, tell everyone you know about MinDepth, let the Depth Mind Army grow in great numbers, let us stand united and strong. Stay tuned because this year we will release our anticipated DEMO. Depth Minds (MinDepth fans) We Love you.

Kryptonite Metal Fest 5

This is Huge we are playing at Kryptonite Metal Fest 5 At 12 am in The Cabaret Room. Come support local Miami rock music. $10.00 Ticket sale link http://www.mindepthmusic.com/merchandise.htm

10.29.2011 Update

We knocked out 3 songs in the Studio today and It went great. Out of Control, Fuego and Pole Dancer. It was sounding real good. Stay up to date with us and as soon as it's out you will get your copy. Thanks for the support to everyone helping us out. Much appreciated, much respect and much LOVE.

10.25.2011 Update

We have six songs in the works as of today. Keep in mind we started only a month ago from scratch. They are as follows: Out of Control, Pole Dancer, Fuego, Parasite, Momentum, & Late Night Scare.

Everything is looking good and we will be in the studio this week Saturday hammering 2 or 3.