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Finally got to finish up work on a few things! Finally...


I'm baaaaaaaaack!


Continued thanks to all my fans who've continued to listen despite the absence, hence my inability to do a lot of playing of your tracks! I'll be catching up soon, I assure you, and can't wait to hear the new stuff you've all posted! Thanks again for continuing to play, and thanks to all the new fans as well! Oh, and Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays, etc.! Be back soon! :)


A few weeks left of non music business, then back to the noise!!!


Damn it! Too busy to make tunes again!!!

Still werkin on it...

New Noise: Lie #5, still werkin on it... still...

Many, many thanks!!!

Many thanks go out to some amazingly talented and supportive fans. From my newfound Russian friends to my fam back in Philly to the wonderful crazies sprinkled throughout, I thank you! (I hope I don't miss anyone!) In no particular order, if you're digging what I'm doing, you should check out any or, if possible all, of the following: mathcanki!!, Origin Ape, Song of Saya, DJ Zeitgeist, Auximens, Scholar, Tasos Pelkos, Minute Robot, Z is for Mars, crinklecrud, Context, 1-800 START-REK and Adamac. If you check out any of the aforementioned bands with headphones on, tell your ears I said "Your Welcome!"

Thanks also, and apologies, to anyone I might have missed!


Still getting there...

Delays delays delays... not the good kind... new Black soon... maybe new Noise soon... hope to be back soon... thanks to all the fans and listeners; I check your stuff as often as I can when I can! Superthanks to Origin Ape, DJ Zeitgeist, Notorious Black Spots, Z is for Mars and any other very supportive folks out there!!!

J. D.

Getting There...

A few more weeks before I'm back! Thanks to everyone who continues to listen!!!

Sorry but busy!

Sorry I can't do my usual plays of everyones stuff or post anything new for a while, but life is just gonna be too busy for a month or so! Won't even get to check out new stuff! Hope I don't lose anybody due to my short term absence! Thanks to anyone who keeps listening (you can't have listened to them ALL)!