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Practice Makes Perfect Friends

So, this week, I've been totally swamped with the behind the scenes work it takes to be successful. The thing I have learned, is that the development of stronger, more loving and sometimes forgiving relationships is key to the shelf-life of the band. My favorite part is the relationships such as this which pushes me in my bass playing and in my everyday life. Don't lose sight of who you are working with and what you, together as a group, are doing. Today, I'll be starting with a cactus removal gig, a drop off, practice with JHRL, then on to my second day job, and finally, the radio show tonight at midnight. If you are not working hard towards your dreams, then you'd better be dreaming... Have a great Thursday!!!


I've posted some music and updated my tour schedule. Stay tuned for more updates, shows and progress on my Mania.