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My Mt. Rushmore of Musical Artists

Stevie Wonder, Yashar, L.L. Cool J and Michael Jackson - and Capleton would round out my Top 5 of All-Time!

What's Ur Fav All-Time Hip-Hop Vid?

Nas - One Mic Xzibit - What U See Is What U Get Now (Honorable Mention)

The 5 Most Important Songs Of My Life

1. "You're The Bestes, Estes" (HBD 11/05 Song) - by Dejah Rene Estes (dedicated to my influence in her life, her gift, our love and her future) 2. "Thereason" - by Musiq Soulchild (dedicated to My Mom, My daughter Dejah and a couple ex's). 3. "My Life" - by Mary J. Blige (dedicated to the arrival of my daughter, surviving the hard times and fighting through the pain. Thank You Jehovah) 4. "That Girl" - by Stevie Wonder (dedicated to my big brother Will introducing me to music) 5. "In a Pop-Starz Life" - feat. Me and Yashar (We dedicated these to the Most High) (Honorable Mention) - "My Radio" by L.L. Cool J (dedicated to my 1st time ever wanting to be an M.C.)

If you only had 5 CDs to listen to for the rest of your life what would they be?

Mines would be......1. The Infamous Mobb Deep 2. Groove Theory 3. Capleton More Fire 4. Curtis Mayfield Superfly Sndtrk 5. Mary J. Blige My Life........honorable mention to the Tricky Maxinquaye album and I would've said Exit 5 Inc. The Movement but I'm not gonna shamelessly self-promote on this one lol...