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Hammerdrone is back!

After a long hiatus while our vocalist was overseas, Hammerdrone is back in business. We are completing the recording on the forthcoming album "Dark Harvest", with only some small instrumental pieces to add and the backing vox. Artwork for the album is done (and is looking amazing!) so we're pumped to get this out to you all in the coming months. Also, you can expect to see us starting to gig again later this summer. Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience!

Album update

Album number 2 is coming along nicely. 6 songs completed, number 7 just awaiting lyrics. Given the length of the songs, number 8 will probably be it. Then it's demo it to perfection, record and release...\m/ We don't update this site too often: there seems to be few people actually use it other than artists trying to promote themselves...very few fans...for more regular updates, hit us up on Facebook.

Writing album #2

We are going to be taking a bit of break from gigging over the summer, to concentrate on completing the writing for album #2. So far, we have completed 3 songs: 'Black Bison', 'The Wasting Throne' and 'Dark Harvest', with song #4 pretty much completed bar vocals. The new songs are sounding heavy, epic and full of dynamics and we're really happy with how they are sounding so far. Stay tuned for more updates, but with luck we may even be ready to record again before the end of the year...although we should know better than to put a deadline out there - it always takes longer than expected :-)


It's been an eventful start to the year: we recruited new bassist Teran Wyer (also six-stringer extraordinaire for Krepitus) who's learned our stuff super quickly, allowing us to continue to put on shows around our local area.

We formally released the new album, Clone Of Europa, on 14-Feb and the show was amazing. If you haven't checked it out yet, head over to http://hammerdrone,bandcamp.com and give it a listen. It's been well received so far in the underground press...

We also received our new t-shirts - full-colour, digitally printed and looking awesome! They feature the 'Kelpie' design from the new album, inspired by the lyrics of the song.

And most recently, we got the chance to compete in the Wacken Metal Battle. So, we didn't make it through, but as you can see from the video footage, we sure had a great time! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=po8oJKelnUc&feature=youtu.be&t=10m

So, what's next? Plans are in the works for a video, and we're starting work on the follow-up album. And keep your eyes peeled for show announcements...\m/

Clone Of Europa

The final mix and master of our forthcoming debut full-length, "Clone Of Europa", is now in our hands!

9 tracks of melodic death metal clocking at 50 mins - we are extremely proud of this and look forward to sharing it with you all!

We'll be arranging pressing of the CDs in a sweet looking digipak that will be adorned with Nathan Navetto's stunning artwork.

This should be ready for a January release. \m/

Album update #6

"Clone of Europa" is coming...! We have sent our final comments onto Alex and now just need to get our sticky mitts on the final mastered version from him so we can send it off to get pressed.

We expect both the digital and physical copies to be released in January 2014.

We are also exploring full colour DTG digital t-shirt printing of the superb artwork that Nate Navetto did for us.

Thanks for your patience and support! \m/

Album update #5

Final draft mix of all of the songs has been received and is now being listened to. We've a few things to tweak here and there, but we're very pleased with the job Alex (www.signalsaudio.com) has done. Still hopeful we can get this out before year end!

Album update #4

It's taking longer than we had hoped, but we are getting there. We've received the close to final mixes for most songs now. Looks like release will be delayed until the end of the year...but we promise the wait will be worth it!

Album update #3

Yesterday we received the first mix of the first song from Alex. The sound is rich, full and powerful, and we're excited that we are very close to getting the finished article now!

We've also almost hammered out the final details of the artwork with Nathan, who's been working away on the concept behind the song 'Clone of Europa' (which was basically a nightmare of Graham's in which the sea was boiling ice and the world froze over). It's looking sweet!

Album update #2

We've finished tracking the album. Leads and backing vocals were done this last night, and the unmixed stuff is sounding powerful. Can't wait to get a hold of the mixed and mastered version once Alex works his magic! \m/

We're probably looking at a September-October release date, and man, are we stoked to share this with you all!