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June 1 2014

I want to thank all of you who have made the first half of 2014 yet another amazing chapter in my life and career. The response to the new Metal Cowboy album, my autobiography, and the shows has been overwhelming and I really appreciate everyone who’s invested their hard-earned cash and precious time into sharing this ride with me.

Over 30,000 miles in 10 weeks on the first leg of the tour, and we’re just getting started – shows in Illinois, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, California, Nevada & Arizona are on the horizon, and we’re already confirmed for a fourth consecutive year on the 2015 Monsters Of Rock Cruise. Other cool stuff in the works includes the special edition vinyl release of the album, the audio book version of “EVEN KEEL,” and the Metal Cowboy comic book currently in development – but it all starts with the music, and I’m spending as much time as I can writing new Metal Cowboy songs.

Thanks to a very successful presale campaign through PledgeMusic, a strong distribution infrastructure, a concentrated media blitz and most of all, the support of our awesome fans we’ve been able to do this my way, on my terms, and for that I am extremely grateful. Thank you for giving me and my music a chance.

METAL COWBOY Album Finished! Vince Neil's EAT DRINK PARTY Events

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend. I just finished listening to the last mix of the last song, so it's official: the METAL COWBOY recording sessions which began on February 26th in San Jose are officially wrapped up and we're mastering the album this week. Within the next couple of weeks, everyone who participated in the PledgeMusic campaign will receive the 11-song album download over a month before the official release! It's not too late to take part in this at http://pledgemusic.com/projects/ronkeelmetalcowboy

This week at Vince Neil's EAT DRINK PARTY (the new Las Vegas home of rock & roll): special LAS VEGAS STRIPPED Wednesday Dec 4, bringing in a film crew for "LVS on Steroids" - both acoustic AND electric jams will be happening, Vince will be there, it will be off the hook.

Thur Dec 5: The After Party following the big event at The Orleans with KISS, Alice Cooper, Vince Neil etc - come party with us at Vince's place after the concert

Lots more happening at Vince's place, visit us on-line at http://VinceNeilsParty.com

METAL COWBOY Album Launched

Ron Keel has announced details about the release of his new solo album, “Metal Cowboy,” launching a 60 day PledgeMusic campaign that gives fans access to downloads, updates, and exclusive music/merchandise/memorabilia packages: http://pledgemusic.com/projects/ronkeelmetalcowboy “The music sounds just like the title – Metal Cowboy,” Ron declares, “hard & heavy with a southern side. Kind of like if AC/DC made a Skynyrd album – gritty screaming vocals, powerful rock riffs, but with some classic southern rock elements like Frank Hannon’s slide guitar.” All drum tracks were performed by Y&T’s Mike Vanderhule; other special guests include Oz Fox (Stryper), Brent Muscat (Faster Pussycat), Geno Arce & Bryan Jay from KEEL, Stacey Blades from L.A. Guns, and a “live in-studio” recording with the Sin City Sinners. The album, available as a digital download and Deluxe Edition CD with bonus tracks, will be released January 28, simultaneously with his long-awaited autobiography “Even Keel: Life On The Streets Of Rock & Roll.” The CD, book, and other merchandise and fan exclusives (including rare memorabilia, Master Class voice lessons via Skype, and even House Concerts) are available in various bundles via the PledgeMusic campaign. “PledgeMusic gives me a total state-of-the-art marketing and distribution platform to share everything with the fans. It’s an online store, it’s a social network where we can exchange comments and messages, there’s a music player where people can listen to audio clips from the album, plus my weekly radio show. I want people to really feel like they are a part of this with me.” Once the goal of financing the project is complete, 10% of all proceeds will go to the Wounded Warrior Project charity. Go to http://ronkeel.com to get your Metal Cowboy on. TRACK LISTING: The Last Ride Wild Forever What Would Skynyrd Do Singers, Hookers & Thieves Long Gone Bad Just Like Tennessee The Cowboy Road When Love Goes Down Evil Wicked Mean & Nasty 3 Chord Drinkin’ Song My Bad

Bonus tracks on the Deluxe Edition CD: American Thunder Just Like Tennessee (unplugged) Singers, Hookers & Thieves (solo acoustic)