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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CAMILLE MILLER found an outlet in music at a young age, to communicate her teenage frustrations growing up an "army brat," constantly on the move. Born in Germany but raised on military bases all over Canada, Miller's earliest influences were not her myriad surroundings but the music in which she took solace: Motown, Carly Simon, The Carpenters, Aretha Franklin, and The Rolling Stones. Now based in Vancouver, BC, Miller put out her first solo album in 1998. 2002 saw the release of She Knows, on Synergy Records, from which she had two songs appear on the popular TV series Cold Squad. After touring the UK three times, Miller caught the ear of England's Sugar Shack Records, who put out her third album, Carnarvon Street, in 2005. Camille has lent her talents to other artists' works, including vocals for the song "Lost" by American electronic group Baligomingo, and also co-writing, singing and live touring for Robert Chojnacki's 2006 album Saxophonic, released on BMG in Poland. From these tours with Chojnacki, Camille is one of the only artists to be able to truly say she's "huge in Poland," having built up a fan base there, playing twice a year in Warsaw now.

Miller's vocal style has been described as "stunning" and "effortless," while her guitar work has been dubbed "flawless." She writes vignettes that straddle pop, rock and alternative genres, at home alongside a record collection that features Sheryl Crow, Kelly Clarkson, The Pretenders or The Dixie Chicks. Miller's latest offering, Somewhere Near The Truth will be released April 22nd on Sound of Pop Inc., distributed in Canada through Fontana North (Universal). It is a diary of love, lust, regret and the joys of couch surfing while on tour. Which isn't far off from military house surfing, when you think about it...

You can catch CAMILLE MILLER showing off tunes from her new disc at Vancouver's Railway Club on Thursday, May 1st, at 9:30 p.m. A Toronto show will follow in the summer, as well as an east coast tour.

To request a review copy of Camille MIller's new CD, or to set up an interview, please contact Karen Pace at Pacemaker Pro. 416-918-6525 To hear music, visit http://www.camillemiller.com