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Time to blog on here again

Hello all! Yes I normally blog a lot on my own website but for those of you who haven't seen my site, feel free to check it out: www.stevebellorocks.com

But in short: my new album will be called LAYERS OF TIME and will hit the streets on December 15, 2015! I did all the guitars of course but also all the bass and drum programs (with help from producer Rosario Panzarella in that department as well). This album is my most ambitious recording to date, and I really poured my heart and soul into it. Hope those who hear it will agree.

And yes I am in my very first ad in Guitar Player magazine...full-page to boot!! Check out page 131 of the January 2016 issue for Von York strings. The ad is quite spacey and trippy, fits the album title well.

I will eventually audition a new drummer and bass player soon but not right away.

Check back here for more details but also like/share my website too!!!