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Ready For Spring

Hello Everybody! I just realized I haven't written an update in a while. so here we go..... First thank you once again for coming to the big Cd release party. It's fun to finally get to hang out with people who enjoy what we do. Second, are you ready for some new Majority of Names music? We are gearing up and preparing some new songs to play at our show including a couple of new originals. Thirdly, we plan to be heading out of town to hit a couple of places in our regional area. Hope to hear form you soon. Be looking out for video clips and live performances from the CD RELEASE PARTY. With Love to you all. RN

Digital Distrubution

Hey everyone! We did it we finished the cd and have it printed and for sale! The cd will be available online in 2-3 weeks depending on the retailer. We will be on major retailer though such as itunes, spotify, amazon and several others. Meanwhile, until then you can get the cd through band members. Contact us for information if you live out of state. Thank you everyone for the support and this long trial of getting this cd finally out. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it. Keep and ear out we are also trying to put the cd on local stations around the area. Thank You again everyone. RN

Step One complete

Well got the mastered copy back finally now the cover has to be finished and several copies made. Still a lot of work to finish before we can release the cd.soon , but soon.

Shouldn't be Much Longer

Hey everyone well the tracks are payed for and we will get the mastered copy of the songs shortly. I always hate giving an exact date because something always happens between now and then. Meanwhile I am gonna upset a few people because we are pulling all the old songs and some of those will have to be newly recorded before going back on the site. So watch the videos to get your Majority of Names fix. lol. I will keep you posted on the new songs as they arrive. Keep and ear out and meanwhile watch some old youtube videos of us....shoot I need to make some more of those also. well looks like I got something else to keep us busy. Thank you all again for the support and keep telling your friends about us.RN

Testing testing 1,2,3

Well today I sent a copy of "Hate Me" off to get mastered. I have choose a company that seems pretty good. I should receive that copy back in 2-5 days and then we will decide if they are the one for us. Working on a sleeve for the album, any ideas? Lots of pictures and Lyrics? Well just wanted to thank everyone for the support, we almost there.

Finally Almost Finished

Well the header said it all. I got the final copy of the mixed cd before we send it to the final mastering. So excited to see what the mastering guys will do for the demo. Guys and gals keep your ears open for new show dates and new merchandise to be soon listed on all our sites. Thank you everyone without you we wouldn't be us. RN

Man! What a Long Night

So I finished the vocals for all the track last night, or this morning should I say. Difficulty with one song, but it finally seemed to work itself out. The next process is having Gunner and me work the backing vocals. Can't wait to hear a finished product. I'm listening to the rough mix of the whole recording so I can figure out what backing vocals we will be doing. Not to shabby. lol. Got home at 5 this morning and back at work at 9 ish. Boy, boy, this life we live...RN

Getting Closer

So I finished all of the guitar parts for the tracks Minds Eye and Ur Disease. A little different then what you've heard before but rockin' just the same. I get to noticing that when we arrange a track to maximize the sound we loose a feeling and get mechanical. I on the other hand take a sip, take a smoke and I let those riffs bleed upon that tape. I love the music so much. Whatever would I do if this was my day job=) Next up solos for Daybreak, This World Around, and Hate Me!

Getting Amped

Man I can't wait til we finally get this cd finish. I'm sitting here at work listening to the rough mixes of 4 of our songs that will be on the cd. I went last night and recorded more of the guitar tracks. One more night and I should have all of them completed. Then on to the Vocals. Finally good to get back where we should have been months ago. On a side note don't forget we have a Hard Rock Cafe show coming up at the end of August. The 31st to be exact and we are also playing Tailgaters on the 18th I think I have to verify that one. Remember as always SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC.


So guys everything is back up running at our studio I finished the backing acoustic tracks Monday. Got a rough copy of two the songs. Daybreak and Anyway sound good can't wait to hear what the vocals will sound like. I start the electric tracks this week hopefully they will be a breeze also. I will have pictures and documentation up soon. RN