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Next Gig

Next up for Whiskey and Stitches is April 21 at Kinnee O'Reilly's in El Dorado Hills. It's the 1st gig there for the band, so come out, support live music, and have a grand time.


The band turns it up for a return to Sacramento Institution Old Ironsides tonight. In April, we hit the hills of El Dorado for our debut at Kinnee O'Reilly's megapub. May sees the band open for legendary Real McKenzies at Sacramento Uberclub Ace of Spades. Then it's on to RENO June 1 and 2 for our 3rd year in a row gigging after Young Dubliners at Reno Sands' Eurofest. Plus, there are a couple little local gigs TBA. Keep your eyes and ears open.