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Raising Funds for studio time.

Hey everybody,

Its been quite a while since we've been able to put together some recordings so we've been looking to get in to the studio and lay down some of our newer material that has not yet been put out. We are looking to raise the money in these next few shows to be able to start the recording process. Since we are all very poor and mostly jobless we hope with your help and generosity we might be able to raise enough money to get some studio.

We can't thank everybody enough for coming to our shows and supporting us in our attempts to grow our band in to something beyond the average garage band. Without the support of our fans we would be, as the latin term "nemo" in the name suggests, nobody. With everybody's help we can keep on crankin' out higher quality entertainment with each up coming show. Hope to see everyone make it out to 'em!

Much Love, The Nemo Orchestra

Welcome to our new music based webpage

Thank you to everyone who is stopping by our new Reverb Nation artist site. Please feel free to browse around and download whatever you'd like. We hope you enjoy and stop out to see us at one of our up coming shows here soon.

Peace Love and Hope, The Nemo Orchestra