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New song "Memories"

I`ve added a new track entitled `Memories` using the Roland JV1080 and Korg microKORG

New song added

Please check out my latest creation `City Life` a synth-guitar based upbeat instrumental!!!


I`ve found a decent MP3 converter and have uploaded another song/soundtrack.This converter seems to be working great and i got the sample rate down to 44.1Khz..now I just need some new tracks and song ideas. Later y`all.

New videos

I`ve just added some more videos of some of my older stuff.There`s a mix of different styles including experimental filter sounds to a screaming lead sound and some more up-tempo dance type tracks.Please feel free to listen and comment on any of my stuff.Cheers & good luck. FEZ

My blog for today

Going to try to upload more songs when I can find a way of converting my songs to 44.1Khz.For some reason it would only let me upload 1 track,which is strange as the settings were the same for all my songs!? Anyway I`m working on that.Don`t forget to add yourselfs to my fans....it`s easy...just click FAN-----------cheers FEZ