Post debut album re-release thanks from Opprobrium!

'Serpent Temptation' (1988) Re-release 2016 post release thanks from Opprobrium.

Hello everyone, we hope you guys are doing great.

One year ago a dream came true not only for our fans but to us as well with the official re-release of our debut album 'Serpent Temptation' in nearly 30 years out of print, it took a while after many, many requests from fans around the planet for us to reissue this album once again, but it was worth the wait! First off we would like to thank all the fans who bought and ordered the CD's, the LP's, the shirts or who bought the 'Serpent Temptation' album download online, we really appreciate your support and for spreading the word! Also we would like to thank Relapse Records for helping us bring this reissue to you guys worldwide for the new and old fans of Opprobrium, and all the great Relapse' staff for the great care and attention while we were preparing the album for release (you guys are awesome!!!), a great album deserves a great label and Relapse was the perfect label to put out 'Serpent Temptation'!

Thank you fans once again for supporting Opprobrium over the years and for picking up a copy of 'Serpent', and get ready that the best is yet to come! Cheers!

-The Oppros (Francis, Scot, Moyses)

P.S.: Also thanks to our great brother Scot in the great state of Georgia for sending his pic for this post release thanks! (*see band pics at the photo section here at our ReverbNation profile page*)

'Beyond The Unknown' (1990) Vinyl LP Re-release 2016 - OUT NOW!

The 2016 vinyl LP re-release of 'Beyond The Unknown' (1990) is now available on our official merch e-store and eBay store! Order now! Cut and paste the links below for more info!

Official Opprobrium merch e-store: http://bit.ly/2epPhiX

Official Opprobrium eBay store: http://ebay.to/2dz9Bi6

'Beyond The Unknown' vinyl re-release update:

For all those waiting to order a copy of 'Beyond', we would like to inform you guys that there was a delay in shipping them to us, as the LP's is manufactured in Europe from Cosmic Key Creations, but we got informed that our copies should be arriving in about 2 weeks, so please stand by and we should be announcing when it's available on our stores for ordering as soon as it arrives. Once again, we would like to mention that we will have exclusively autographed copies by the Howard brothers Francis and Moyses only available at our official Facebook and eBay stores. Please stand by until further notice.

Official Facebook store: http://bit.ly/2epPhiX

Official eBay store: http://ebay.to/2dz9Bi6

For not autographed copies go to Cosmic Key Creations Records at: http://bit.ly/2fMx132

'Beyond The Unknown' (1990) vinyl LP re-release 2016!

The legendary second studio album by Opprobrium from 1990 returns in it's glorious vinyl format after 26 years!

Originally released under the old band name 'Incubus' (NOLA) in 1990 by Nuclear Blast Records, this historic classic Death Metal album conquered Extreme Metal fans worldwide, and now it's your chance to have this classic masterpiece in it's original LP format, back by popular demand, via Cosmic Key Creations Records! Limited edition.

Worldwide Release Date: 10/30/2016

Click below for more info!

Cosmic Key Creations Records: http://bit.ly/2ebBdo3

ATTENTION FANS: Autographed copies by Francis (Guitars, Vocals) and Moyses (Drums) from Opprobrium will be available exclusively on the official Opprobrium Facebook store and eBay store (TBA)! Please stand by for further announcement as soon as it's available in our stores!

Released by Cosmic Key Creations (Licensed from Nuclear Blast)

℗ 2016 Nuclear Blast Gmbh / Cosmic Key Creations © 1990, 2016 Opprobrium. All rights reserved.

Update from the band.

Update from the band:

Since the major flood that happened in Louisiana on August 14, Opprobrium decided to relocate to Florida. As soon as we get settle here in Florida, we will continue to record the new Opprobrium album which should be out sometime next year 2017, the new record will be epic, it will be awesome, we can't wait to release it!

Thank you for your support and please stand by for other great news from Opprobrium! - Peace,

-The Oppros

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Opprobrium 'Beyond The Unknown' 25 Years Autographed Bundle - Limited Edition

Make sure you get the awesome Opprobrium 'Beyond The Unknown' 25 years anniversary limited edition collectors bundle available now at our merch store, which also includes a high quality commemorative print autographed by the Howard brothers! This is a limited 'B.T.U.' 25 years collectors bundle, so order yours today!

Order at: http://bit.ly/1Wjo5zm

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