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Panic attack? Heart murmur?

Whatever's giving you that funny feeling, listen to 'Freeze-Up' by the Throwaways (from our "Aneurysm EP") and picture yourself behind the wheel on a crowded freeway, sweating in cold terror!

New live videos of NUT CENTER show

Just posted three videos which feature Nut Center's second gig ever (May 2003), in its entirety. Sound quality's not as good as the THROWAWAYS show, unfortunately, but the acoustics of the coffeehouse where we played left a lot to be desired.

Yes, I really *did* write that song.

Well, I found out who/what FINETUNES is (see my last blog post). A few days ago I created a Soundcloud page, tried to upload 'Freeze-Up', and was thwarted by none other than FINETUNES, which owns Soundcloud and is somehow associated with Amoebenklang, the parent company of the label (High Society International) that released the Throwaways 7". I contested their position, assuring them that I hold the U.S. copyright and have documentation to prove same. So far I've gotten no response...

The public domain revolution continues!

FINETUNES, whoever they are, posted my two songs from the Throwaways' "Aneurysm" EP ('Fifth Wheel' and 'Freeze -Up') on YouTube:



Today twelve views, tomorrow seventeen! "Aneurysm" forges relentlessly ahead, like a tiny space probe churning its way to the edge of the solar system...

Just added a new song...

Well, not "new", exactly: it was recorded in the summer of 2002. 'Alexandra' was supposed to have drums on it at some point, but that never happened. It does have acoustic and electric guitar, bass, and vocals (all quite primitive) by yours truly, and it's a song for which I still have a trace of affection. As always, thanks for listening :)

Why I'm here...

Last September, I noticed that some songs I'd written and recorded (and which were later released by a small German label on a 7" EP) with one of my bands, the Throwaways, were available for download on a number of European music sites. More recently, I found another Throwaways track (released just last year on a compilation CD) on last.fm. Trouble is, six or seven bands have used the name "the Throwaways", and none of my songs were correctly credited--that is, they were attributed not to the Throwaways from Florence, Alabama, but to one of the other bands who also used that name. So I'm here on ReverbNation to reclaim my songs. While all of us who work on the under-under-underground level of music know better than to expect any monetary reward for our labors, I think it's entirely reasonable that we should be properly credited for them. So here are (some of) my songs, in all their ragged glory: I wrote 'em, sang 'em, and played rhythm guitar on every one of 'em except 'Fifth Wheel'. Hopefully I'll gain a couple of new listeners here on this site.

Yours faithfully, Jonathan

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