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Rap Debut...

Is thinking to myself... I need to express whats on my mind.... but how? With two gifted minds... Watch this space!

Menale - Your All I Need (Sneak Peak)

Finally, I have released a sneak peak of the track "Your All I Need" on facebook and now on reverbnation.

Its been long over due, but the wait is worth it.

RnB Artist

Today seems to be one great day. Im proud to announce my new artist "Menale" pronounced (Mer - nah - lay) I will keep you posted but know that there is something huge coming!

Reason Tracks

Here are some of my Reason v3 tracks. Holla back and tell me what you think. Copyright Protected. http://www.reasonstation.net/songs/songinfo.php?song=61111 http://www.reasonstation.net/songs/songinfo.php?song=61110 http://www.reasonstation.net/songs/songinfo.php?song=61109 If you want to use these songs, remix them or what ever then contact me via email: ecks.calibur.productions@gmail.com and we will talk!


You can find me on facebook. Heres the link: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Ecks-calibur-Productions/45811283520