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Up and at them!

With Heathen Mythology just finished, I can't tell you how anxious we are to write new music. We have over 4 hours of edited jams and riff we've been revisiting, and a very interesting and challenging concept and format for the next release.

Few things for you to think about....

Bands, we're pretty much interested in playing with anyone, pretty much anywhere (within reason) so if you like what you hear, get a hold of us. We have a solid core of bands we're close with, and Clubs we're familiar with, but we'd love to shake it up a bit, and spread our reach.

Artists, as a whole, we're pretty graphically challenged, and we seem to know a lot fo amazing artists. Oceans of Insects would love to see your interpretations of our music in your art, to be used on our soon to be launched website, as flyers, cover art or even T-Shirts. We've already has some contributions of some amazing photography from Vinnie Ruddy, and love to further the collaborations of music and art, so get a hold of us!

That's all for now, be sure to check out our album at bandcamp, it's a free download (although we won't turn away donations!)


More songs coming

Writing like fiends possessed , plan on our first recording in the next few weeks.