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Getting Organized

You can never be too organized. At least that is what I've always told myself. Running my own record label, writing, producing and recording my own music, and trying to balance the rest of my life is an exciting, and sometimes overwhelming challenge. I see why you need a team of folks to help make it all happen.

I am also in the process of re-vamping my two websites, and am looking for a web-development tutor. It would be great to have another pair of eyes looking over my code.

I am currently looking for a business manager/booking agent who will help me to grow in all of the projects that I want to do within the next few years. I feel like I am old enough to know what to do, and still young enough to do it. I hope I can say that for the rest of my life.

That's it for now. Re-writing the Oddua Records business plan. Plan to have a good one by the end of the year.

Peace, AB