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Check out the translations of the lyrics of the Brazilian singer Suellenluz

Hello friends from other countries! I did the translation of my lyrics, so that everyone can understand: http://www.reverbnation.com/suellenluz/songs

Thanks for this great affection and admiration I receive. It's a real honor to know that my songs are crossing borders and bringing joy and love to all continents.

Welcome and keep returning! Sincerely, Suellenluz

New CD Suellenluz Brazuka

The purpose of this show is something intimate, bringing the audience the feeling of a luau, busy with music, dancing, with a touch of romance and a lot of positive energy, without losing focus on the main objective which is to sow the public the idea of ​​a world better, with a deep look of neighbor and respect for diversity is by race, creed, sex, etc. To facilitate logistics, create the structure of Pocket Show: Voice, guitar and percuteria, that fits in several forms of events.

Release - Suellenluz Brazuka

Cheeky, irreverent, this petite charms everyone with a serious charisma off. As She describes herself: "I am Paulistana with Suingue Carioca soul and from Bahia." Her songs come directly into the soul of those who listen. His musical style is "New Music Popular Brazilian", ie a mixture of electrifying rhythms that guarantees the audience a catchy repertoire, moving between various musical styles (Samba, MPB, Axe, Pop-Rock, Forró, among others).

Besides singer's songwriter, has more than 200 compositions. Among them are: "Bahia" music in honor of this land that is Suellenluz passionate, romanticism in music "Soul Mate", "Rebuilding", "I do not want to lose you," the song against prejudice "effeminate", "A Samba for Cartola" music that led to the contest Globo "Exposamba", "Will give Fuxico" which will be rewritten by the global actor and singer Rafael Almeida (brother of singer Tania Mara), not to mention the song "Samba Clara," made in honor of eternal singer Clara Nunes, among others.

He has performed in major venues such as: HSBC Brazil, Cultural Turn, Cruise On Board Freedom (Radio Energy 97), among others. How Innovation is the motto of this warrior to celebrate his 25-year-old and 7-year career, the singer met the public in Suellenluz Nimbus Studio (One of the most renowned recording studios of São Paulo), for the recording of their new CD " Suellenluz Brazuka ".

A different study that aims to show the "Brazilianness", ie, the mixture of rhythms, cultures and behaviors, the proposal is to transport listeners to a luau added to the joy that a good bar provides. To generate this this climate, our artist recorded voice and guitar, accompanied by brilliant musician playing percuteria Gilson de Oliveira (adapted instrument that mixes percussion and drums). Soon the CD "Suellenluz Brazuka" will be released for all Brazil.

A work environment that promises not to let anyone stopped, and spread joy through music, has proposed to sow love and lots of information.

Come enjoy of brazilian music and thrill to the sound of Suellenluz!!

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