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Past Meet's Its Future EP

So I'm putting out Past Meet's It's Future as a double EP so pt 1 dropping this summer is the first half to give you all something to listen to while waiting for the rest of the album!!!!

Past Meet's It's Future

My long awaited solo LP is finally in the works!!! It's been a LONG time coming to get here but I'm able to get this done independently and hope you all support me and buy it! I'm 100% independent and don't have nobody telling me I can't say this or this song isn't gonna be able to make it NOOOOOOO!!! Just straight real deal raw Hip Hop with songs full of life experiences from my teens through my twenties so be ready for one hell of a ride when you purchase "Past Meet's It's Future LP" by J.Terrible this summer!!!

Puppies & Cubs!!!!!

Hey folks just letting you all know about the golden discovery I came across the other day! I found my old tapes!! Yes I said tapes and I do mean cassette tapes of myself J.Terrible and Sunny Darko on KSFM 102.5 back when we were Axsadent/Jerk and Juser. So I am getting the tapes recorded into my laptop and will edit them into a few tracks. You guys are going to love it, it's exciting, funny, full of explosive entertainment, battles, freestyles. You'll take the journey I took starting out as Axsadent One but after being asked to battle for names against a guy who had pre written verses ready for me but I freestyle and lose. The thing is though it gave birth to the monster Pat Tha Party Jerk who ends up being the little star of the Hollywood Hustle on Tony Ticante's show on KSFM 102.5 .. Come take the trip and laugh your ass off hearing the battles I had to deal with. You will also get to hear what Tony TIcante started doing because I called in EVERY night on his show to rap. The Fly Rhyme was started up here because of me and my friends and I'm hoping people remember it and demand it come back after hearing Puppies & Cubs ....


Hey folks so I've been busy in the studio lately and will be putting out a new mixtape called Those Filthy Pigs vol 1 for free and then drop my Terriblistik album which I will be selling on ITunes and Bandcamp so please keep you eye out for em

What up folks?

What's up folks so I'm new here but not new to the scene check the rep and who I run with. Just got caught up in a methadone addiction which I am proud to say I have beat finally after 4 years of being a zombie and slackin off on music. So I'm back and a beast what I have up here is old and I promise I'm killin it with the new joints I have ready to lace real soon so keep checking in on me follow on twitter etc.... PEACE!!!!