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Yesterday we started compiling old footage from 2-3 years ago up to today to be able to share with everyone our experience as an emerging band and studio. It will feature everyone who has supported us, encouraged us and of course partied with us. You will get to hear first hand input about everything witnessed. It will most likely take 6 months to a year to complete, but we will be posting snippets every so often to give you a sneak peak. We're excited to share this footage with everyone!


Gun shots fired on a Tuesday afternoon as a school bus speeds by with little black children screaming racist slurs at us as we walk our dog. Why don't more of us realize that this is WHAT THEY WANT?! .......A country cannot fight back, cannot defend itself-if it is preoccupied with and fed the notion of fighting with one another over things we cannot control, such as our race, gender or sexual orientation-or other such "status"......only to go grab a 6 pack at the gas station and be called Dykes by a black man. Excuse me? Did we call you the "N" word? No. So why do you reach into your bag of ignorance and throw that word in our faces? We love you, but you make us want to shank you.

It's Raining....YAY!!!

Don't you just love a good, rainy day? All we want to do right now is sit at home and work on more music and videos to share with you all. Alas, we must depart from our comfy abode and go out into the world to make a buck for the next few hours. (Feel free to assist our buck making by checking out our merchandise) But when we return, the creative juices will flow! Thanks for caring! Be good to one another.