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Bob's Blog: Diet Tacos

This is all Chris' fault - I never would have stopped at Taco Bell that night if we didn't have to cut the recording short because of his breathing. And in my defense, Taco Bell was advertising "Diet" tacos - Why shouldn't I be able to eat diet tacos - I've got things under control. Boy was I wrong, 3 hours and 43 tacos wrong. That's where it all began again.

Before I go any further, I want to clarify the incident that was recently publicized in the media. Calling the misunderstanding a "hostage crisis" is blowing things way out of proportion; those people in the kitchen at Ihop were going to be there regardless of whether or not I came in that day. Don't advertise "All you Can Eat Pancakes" if you are not going to provide your customers just that. So I made them work a few hours later - they get paid by the hour! Yes, I admit I made a couple of stabbing motions toward people, but who was I really going to hurt with a butter knife?

Also, I DID NOT steal that cow. I was reaching for a candy bar and my car ran off the road into that field. The cow died upon impact with my car - I wasn't going to let it sit there. It would have been a sin to let all of that beef go to waste

Anyway, things are getting better for me. I'll keep posting pictures of my progress: http://www.photoshoppix.com/modules/coppermine/albums/userpics/10002/keanu_reeves.jpg

River Mudisms

Here are a few common sayings within the band and their meanings in context:

Beat Off: Something's wrong. It sounded like we were a beat off Hand J: Need a hand, Jay?

Acronyms: POO: Practice on Own POOP: Practice on Own Please

Posted by an extremely mature band

River Mud's Battles with Personal Demons - Part 1

After a brief battle with personal demons, River Mud will be coming back strong, 2 weeks after Chris Soricelli is released from rehab to treat his addiction to nasal decongestants.

"I just couldn't take it anymore" explains River Mud frontman Bob Carlson. "We were in the studio recording our new album, and I kept hearing this sound through the monitor - it was Chris breathing through his nose - I just knew that the damn decongestants got a hold of him again. He's not the same when he is on that stuff - he is an absolute monster"

"I was trying to lay down my guitar tracks, and my sheet music was blowing all over the place. I kept blaming the air conditioning system - I even had the maintiainance guy fired. It is extremely difficult to admit you have a problem, but I've finally come to terms with it", Chris said in an interview from the treatment center.

"Watch our videos closely", says bass player Jay Deren. "Our shirts are fluttering every time Chris turns toward one of us. I just hope that he gets better soon. We've all experimented with that kind of stuff, but between the Breath Right strips, the sudafed in the morning and Nyquil at night, it was just too much"

Chris hit rock bottom when he crashed his Corvette into a tree. "I thought I was on top of the world, but I was breathing through my nose so clearly that the windows in my car kept fogging up. Next thing I know, I am waking up in the hospital.

Our prayers are with Chris for a quick recovery. Stay tuned for news on how Bob is doing with the relapse of his eating disorder