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Niles Hokkanen joins the Panes

We may have parted ways with Vince due to his personal endeavors, but happy to have added the formidable, and talented Niles Hokkanen. Quite an accomplished mandolin player, he adds an exciting and interesting listening piece to the Window Panes music.

Trips Festival cancelled

this sat.'s show is a no go due to weather and grounds condition.

New uploads

two new uploads of previously unavailable songs from this site are Broken Window Panes and the newest Window Panes' song, Petals from the Roses... this song really jams out at the end!

Petals From The Roses

Wow, this song came together quickly. In one day this tune has gone from an idea to about 70% complete. Hoping we can bust it out at the Lone Oak Tavern next month.

New Songs

we have been busy writing new songs. to most of you they all will seem new... so let us have some feedback if you feel so inclined. Thank you for your support.