DJ Healer Selecta Live Rocknroll SouL Surf Revue!

DUSTAPHONICS: In 2008, the iconic American actress Tura Satana (Varla in Russ Meyer’s ‘65 cult classic, Faster Pussycat Kill Kill asked DJ Healer Selecta ( Freestyle Records) aka Yvan Serrano ( Vintage Weekender/RaisonD’Etre London) to create some music for her next movie. Thus “Healer Selecta’s Live Rock’n’Roll Soul Surf Revue”, Dustaphonics, was born.

As you probably noticed, The Dustaphonics is not a band in the traditional sense; instead it is composed of founder band leader, music director & producer Yvan Serrano, who selects and assembles a specific rotating line-up of London-based talented singers, drummers and bass players to form a 4 piece band: Yvan playing guitar himself, and featuring Aina Roxx or Gizelle Smith or Hayley Red on vocals, Eric Frajria or Bruce Brand or Hugo Deviers or Mark Claydon on drums, Dan Whaley or Daniel Jeanrenaud or Devid Dell’Aiera on bass. Whether The Dustaphonics plays tonight, at a festival for 10,000 people in Spain or in France, in a club in the North of England, or in a trendy venue in London and whoever from that rotating line-up will be on stage that night, The Dustaphonics will deliver whatsoever the same great quality, atmosphere, sound, enthusiasm and energy. All of whom share the same passion for 50s/60s Rhythm ’n’ Blues, Rock’n’Roll, Rockabilly, Instrumental Surf, Soul, Funk, Garage and 70s Punk Rock, melding all these influences into a tonic unique Dustaphonics vibrate sound wrapped up in a party vibe:

It’s equal parts High-Octane Rhythm ’n’Blues, Vavavoom Rock’n’Roll and Authentic Instrumental Surf. Since 10 years Serrano’s music project brings that great and positive vibe which makes Dustaphonics songs remarkably fresh and distinctly modern, with a production sense that offer the best possible sound to both: Purist vintage roots music fans and those who want something up to date.

The Dustaphonics have been twice backed legendary Blues Brother Dan Aykroyd on stage, opened the London show of Motown icons, Martha Reeves and The Vandellas, Garage Punk heroes The Sonics, Rockabilly Queen Wanda Jackson, 60s Swinging London cult Blues man Sam Gopal, R’n’B Maestro James Hunter and the list goes on. Start a dust-up at: www.healerselecta.co.uk

DUSTAPHONICS: Kingaling Records (London) Dirty Water Records (London) Munster Records (Madrid) Qsound Records (Paris) Catty Town Records (Dublin) Wipe Out Music Publishing Ltd. UK

Yvan Serrano aka DJ Healer Selecta: Is one of London’s key underground figures signed by Freestyle & Kudos Records; musician, DJ, songwriter, record producer and entertainment promoter, have long been presenting exciting new talents around London with his successful Raison D’Etre Collective and his vintage revue style shows Vintage Weekender Festival in Lille- Roubaix (Fr). He has DJed for London shows by BO DIDDLEY, THE SONICS, CHUCK BERRY, IKE TURNER, EARTHA KITT, WANDA JACKSON, DICK DALE, MANU CHAO, GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL and many main venues and clubs in London, Bo Diddley (RIP) is the official sponsor of DJ Healer Selecta and Raison D’Etre Collective.

Yvan first came from his native France to London in the early 90’s, while touring with ex The Cramps member, Miriam Linna and Norton Record ‘s Boss BIlly Miller (RIP). Same year John Peel was playing the US and UK singles of Yvan’s Guitar Surf Garage band’s on BBC Radio 1. He also collaborated with Liam Watson Toe Rag Studio in the late 90’s. “Hero with a record box, where Healer Selecta goes the party is sure to follow” Time Out Magazine.

BOOKING UK : Reason2B LONDON Dustaphonics@reason2b.net

BOOKING SPAIN: SOUND DEALERS MADRID Pepe Ferrández : info@soundealers.es

BOOKING FRANCE: RAYMUSE AGENCY PARIS Natty : nathalienatty@gmail.com

Interview Dustaphonics with legendary Rob Bailey

Yvan Dustaphonics interview with legendary Rob Bailey Feel free to click on the link http://www.newuntouchables.com/n…/the-dustaphonics-newbreed/

GIgs, Shows Announced so far 2016

DUSTAPHONICS 27-02-16 BILBAO (SP) Nube Fest 17-03-16 GUERET (FR) 18-03 -16 PERIGUEUX (FR) Sans Reserve 19-03-16 BEAUVAIS (FR) Fest Blues autour du zinc 26-03-16 LONDON (UK) Fest Le Beat Bespoke 30-06-16 AVAILABLE IN FRANCE-BELGIUM 01-07-16 AVAILABLE IN FRANCE ONLY 02-07-16 AVAILABLE IN FRANCE 02-07-16 PREIGAN (FR) Fest Rocknstock 28-07-16 (SP) 23-09-16 6th Spanish tour 24-09-16 6th Spanish tour 25 -09-16 6th Spanish tour 26 -09-16 6th Spanish tour 27-09-16 6th Spanish tour 28 -09-16 6th Spanish tour 29-09-16 6th Spanish tour 30 -09-16 6th Spanish tour 01 -09-16 6th Spanish tour DJ Healer Selecta Parties 03 March Camden Blues Kitchen London UK 26 March Le Beat Bespoke Fest London UK 27 March Camden Blues Kitchen London UK 1st April La Sirene La Rochelle FR 07 April Camden Blues Kitchen London UK 08 April Festival Ebroclub Miranda (SP) 09 April Festival Ebroclub Miranda (SP) 2 June Camden Blues KItchen (UK) 11-12-13 Nov Roubaix Vintage Weekender More to come bookThe Dustaphonics show! Info Booking : FR: nathalienatty@gmail.com Booking SPAIN : info@soundealers.es Booking UK: Yvan@reason2b.net EUROPE: Jostone@jostonetraffic.com

Dustaphonics + Dj Healer Selecta: Gigs- Dates- News-

Dustaphonics show -Dj Healer Selecta ’s set DJ Healer Selecta • 04 February Camden Blues Kitchen UK DUSTAPHONICS • 27 February Bilbao SP DJ Healer Selecta • 03 March Camden Blues Kitchen London UK DUSTAPHONICS • 17 March Looking for a booking FR DUSTAPHONICS • 18 March Perigueux Sans Reserve FR DUSTAPHONICS • 19 March Beauvais Blues Autour Fest FR DUSTAPHONICS • 26 March Le Beat Bespoke Fest London UK DJ Healer Selecta • 26 March Le Beat Bespoke Fest London UK DJ Healer Selecta • 27 March Camden Blues Kitchen London UK DJ Healer Selecta • 07 April Camden Blues Kitchen London UK DJ Healer Selecta • 08 April Festival Ebroclub Miranda (SP) DJ Healer Selecta • 09 April Festival Ebroclub Miranda (SP) DUSTAPHONICS • 30 June Looking for a booking FR DUSTAPHONICS • 01 July Looking For a booking FR DUSTAPHONICS • 02 July RockenStock Fest FR DJ Healer Selecta • 12 Nov Roubaix Vintage Weekender More to come. Info Booking FR: nathalienatty@gmail.com Booking SPAIN : info@soundealers.es Booking UK: Yvan@reason2b.net


Hi Friday we are launching our new Album on dirty Water Records at the legendary Jazz Cafe in London Camden. http://mamacolive.com/thejazzcafe/listings/upcoming-events/10367/raison-detre-london-14th-anniversary-the-dustaphonics-charlie-winston/

Dustaphonics Blog

Hi, feel free to visit Dustaphonics blog for our new Album BIG SMOKE LONDON TOWN. http://dustaphonics.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/Thedustaphonics-big-smoke-london-town.html

Tribute to Rolling Stones Paris

Live Show ! Tribute to Rolling Stones featuring Arthur H - Didier Wampas - La Maison Tellier - Mustang -Chris Wilson ( BARACUDAS- Flamming Groovies )- Dustaphonics-John Mitchell -Yann Destal-Gaspard Royant- and many more plus after Party With DJ Healer Selecta ( Dustaphonics) https://www.facebook.com/events/503071266402031/

Dustaphonics London New singer

Hello we are very please to announce Dustaphonics new line up with new singer, check out the Music videos and live music videos of UK premiere of Singer Hayley Red. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL98C941E2265549F1

Dustaphonics Official Line up 2013

--------------------------------------- DUSTAPHONICS LINE UP 2013 ------------------------------------- The Dustaphonics are a London-based group, their sound is a dynamic mix of high-energy groovy soul stompers, sleazy grind booze-soaked rhythm & blues, and authentic reverby wild surf-guitar instrumentals. The founder/producer and sole fixed member of the project is guitarist, composer, and internationally-known disc jockey-compiler Yvan Serrano (aka DJ Healer Selecta) feat 23 years old British mojo-phonic dynamite, Hayley Red on vocals, among the periodically revolving roster of talented musicians joining the pair on stage or in studio, are Eric Frajria or Bruce Brand on drums, along with She Rocola or Dan "Diaboliks" Whaley on bass. The varied musical influences that inform The Dustaphonics' sound are essentially American and vintage, and yet there is something remarkably fresh and progressive about their songs. The band plays with a distinctly London attitude that takes their music beyond simple imitation and infuses it with tremendous energy and passion. The Dustaphonics are a favourite of retro-revivalists as well as the Now Generation, and their live shows always draw large, diverse, and exceptionally spirited crowds. Over the years they have graced the stages of some of London's hottest venues, including The 100 Club London, Islington Assembly Hall, Hootananny Brixton, Jazz Cafe, The Garage and outside the capital, Nuits Secretes festival, Cool Soul Festival (Fr), La Fleche D'or (Fr) La Maroquinerie, The Garage (Bergen, Nor), Purple Weekend Festival (Sp) and many more, as well as gone on extremely successful tours of France, Italy, and Spain. The birth of The Dustaphonics was auspicious indeed, blessed by the likes of Bo Diddley, Spanky Wilson, and Wanda Jackson as part of Serrano's Raison D'Etre London Artists Collective. As if that wasn't enough, legendary cult-movie star Tura Satana (Russ Meyer's Faster Pussycat!Kill! Kill!) co-wrote the song "Burlesque Queen" with Serrano, which is featured on The Dustaphonics killer first album, Party Girl. All this adds up to a hot new band with a rare vintage pedigree and a devout following. Check out The Dustaphonics Party Girl album, available on KingAling record on vinyal and Dirty Water Records on cd. Distribution Cargo UK, Differant & Born Bad France , Munster/VampiSoul Spain.