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Joel Scott (RIP)

Okay my beloved family: From the Creator of the universe we come and to the Creator is our ultimate return. I lost a great, great mentor and friend this morning - Joel Scott... I've been bless to meet 3 bonafide geniuses in my life time and he was one of them. May G'd forgive, erase his sins and grant him into the highest Paradise! I can't begin to quantify what I learned from him... Miles Davis had Bill Evans... I had Joel Scott... There are only 3 other piano players (that I'm aware of) in the world, that's on his level... They are: * McCoy Tyner * Chick Corea * Herbie Hancock Please make dua (prayers) for him and may the Creator ease the pain that his family and friends are suffering from now...

Kachebee Music Hip Hop/R&B Solo LP

What happened to R&B music? Some are saying it is now dead. And where is the Hip that used to be in the Hop? Some say that its conscious roots are now forever lost to the tasteless, bubble gum like, misogynist, violent version of Hip Hop today.

I refuse to believe that. We as musicians and artist can still effect the culture in a positive way. Our children deserve more. Why does Hip Hop or R&B have to be produced to appeal to the lower instinct or base nature of people?

Enough is enough!

It’s time to return to real music, and meaningful art.

If you love Stevie Wonder, support me! If you love Michael Jackson and James Brown, support me! If you love Miles Davis, Charlie Parker and John Coltrane, support me!

I’m taking no prisoners! I don’t have time for that. I’ve already assemble an award winning team of musicians, songwriters and producers. They are but are not limited to:

· Nolan Shaheed (Former Music Director for Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross and Anita Baker)

· Joel Scott (Former Piano Player & Keyboardist for Michael Jackson)

· James Leary (2 time Grammy Award winner – bass guitar)

· Lee Young Jr. (Former President for Motown Records – Attorney)

Be a part of history! Let’s reprogram our environment with positive energy. All praises are due to the Creator of the heaven and earth.

I have the talent, the tools and I’m an idea whose time has come!

Biography Kachebee Biography: As a singer, songwriter and musician, Kachebee proves to be an invaluable talent... He is a refined diamond -- tempered from the Jazz & R&B tradition.

Kachebee’s music is only a by-product of intense self-critical analysis. His tireless effort of arresting raw musical concepts and refining them to its natural beauty exemplifies the philosophical, and perfectionist side of his nature.

Kachebee previously worked as an artist and co-producer for Island Polygram records. Before the Island Polygram deal, he defeated R. Kelly on a national televised talent content show called “Big Break” which was hosted by Natalie Cole (daughter of the great jazz singer, musician, and composer Nat King Cole), Choreographed Debbie Allen’s Soul Train appearance and made a cameo appearance in James Ingram’s “I wanna comeback” music video. Later, Kachebee served as an instructor at Sound Master "Recording Engineer School" and at Los Angeles City College “Electronic Music Department”.

Instruments: Flute, Saxophone, Synthesizer, Piano and Vocals.

Genre(s) : Jazz, R&B/HipHop http://www.gofundme.com/tzd6f9s

New Music

Former Island/Polygram recording artist, Kachebee is releasing two, highly anticipated albums by Valentine's Day 2011 - Nadia (R&B/Hip Hop) and Pangaea (Jazz).

Pangaea Release Party

I'm so grateful for the overwhelming response, and for those who should up to support me during the release of this album... I just want to thank you... Your continued love and support truly propells me forward...

I love you guys for that.



P.S. Please feel free to visit my site www.kachebee.com. I have snipits of the album already loaded... For those who are interested in buying the album, the downloads should be ready within 3-5 business days via itunes... Amazon.com, MP3.com and others will take longer to render...

Wow, I'm so excited... What a wonderful beginning.