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New music in the works

So after quite a long period of side projects, session work and private instruction, I'm finally sitting down to begin the final stages of the new Davola record. And of course first things first. DRUMS!!! Invested in Toontrack's METAL MACHINE expansion pack for EZ drummer and fiddling around with sounds. Still experimenting with kick, snare and overhead compression and eq but I'm loving the sound of these drums. The stock samples sound incredible. At any rate, here's the beginning stage of what's to come. Next step is guitars of course. I'm debating whether or not I should go with a plugin or find someone with a mesa and get to micing. I am curious if I can pull a Ziltoid and do everything in the box. If anyone out there can recommend great plugin's for metal guitar sounds I'm open to try anything. Not in any rush to get the best sound. Anyway, enough gabbin. Talk to you all soon.

check out how the drums are sounding here http://snd.sc/11D1MXK

Thanks for listening.

Aaron/Davola/Animus Rising

A quick update on Hurricane Sandy

First and foremost, I hope everyone in NJ/NY is staying safe and please contact me if you know me to let me know you are. I just got word that in NYC alone, hurricane Sandy has caused 20 deaths, 80 homes to be destroyed and caused 750,000 homes to be without power. Again, I hope everyone is able to find shelter and weather this out until things are cleaned up.

Needless to say, it looks like I'm going to be stranded in Queens for a little while due to Sandy and am unable to get back to Jersey for work as of yet.

That said, I still have my laptop with Logic Pro 9 and Pro Tools available and need to be keeping busy. Any musician's out there in need of editing/mixing/mastering work I'll cut you a special "Hurricane Sandy is ruining my life" special discount. Pro Tools and Logic Inbox me if interested.



Session Musician for hire and available for studio projects this summer

Currently filling up my work schedule for July and August. If you are a songwriter in need of a session vocalist/guitarist/producer/drum programmer then I invite you to visit these sites to see what I can bring to your project.

For those in need of a metal musician


And for the more eclectic styles ranging from Ambient to trip hop to world



Here you will get all my information and credentials

Message me direct for rates or contact me at davolametal@gmail.com

Here are testimonials from some of the clients I've had the pleasure to have worked with in the last 8 months.

"Aaron worked great on my song! I needed a singer fast and wanted someone with a varied style and range. He was extremely efficient with an incredible vocal range I was very pleased how amazing the track turned out."

– Howard Herrick

Songwriter, producer

"I have been working with Aaron Cloutier for almost a year now. He has demonstrated a consistent level of professionalism and honesty that has exceeded all of my expectations. Aaron has an excellent ear for music, with an acute ability to adapt to any idea or concept that is presented. His demonstrated hard work and enthusiasm has contributed greatly to my music. Thanks to him, my songs have reached a professional level I would not have thought possible. I highly recommend hiring Aaron for any musical situation that may arise, regardless of genre."

Weston Silva

Songwriter, Producer, Engineer

"Aaron's riffs are heavier than Godzilla's d@$k."

Xavier Seaward

Musician, Vocalist




Hey all. Last week my boy J (my guitar player from my other gig ANIMUS RISING) and I started working on music again and he came to me with this crazy trip hop type beat and asked if I wanted to add my 2 cents on it and have it out before halloween. Never one to pass up an opportunity to hear the sound of my own voice I jumped at the opportunity. Here's what it sounds like. So we didn't make it in time for halloween but here it is. Download, share and enjoy. Save it in your playlist for next year ha ha .


Thanks so much everyone. More to come soon I promise.


PS. Check out my other band ANIMUS RISING here http://soundcloud.com/animus-rising

Davola has made the top 10 best indie metal songs on Broadjam!

Hey all

Just as the title states, I'm very pleased to let you all know that my song "Fate" is featured in the top 10 indie rock/metal songs on broadjam.com

Here's the link to check it out. Be sure to let yer peeps know.

Thanks so much





Hello friends old and new

Just wanted to share with you some exciting news from my world. I've posted a clip of a brand new song from my solo project DAVOLA and would be very stoke if you'd all check it out. I'm working on my 2nd album at the moment and would love some feedback on this song as far as the overall sound quality goes.

This song is still a demo but I think it's going to be an outline for the sound of the new record.

Anyway check it out, it's brutal, it grooves and it's very musical. Hope you dig.

Here's the link



Aaron/Davola/Animus Rising

Re-Mix of "Fate" in I tunes soon! grab the original version for free!

Hey all

Been crazy busy with pre-production for the next Davola record as well as searching for musicians to help play this shit live but I'm super happy to let you know that my newly re-mixed version of "Fate" from the Dichotomy album was sent in to the I-tunes stores and will be available for purchase soon. As I've said before in previous blog posts, it was re-mixed by Cristian Machado of Ill Nino at Sound Wars Studios in Hoboken, NJ...I'm currently sitting in the live room here as I write this as a matter of fact. He definitely knocked it out of the park with this mix for sure. The stereo image is huge and has more of a three dimensional sound in comparison to the original plus a few edits I had to make that were left behind on the original version. I think it came out great. Check it out here and compare to the original if you have it.


If you don't have the original, get it right here as a thank you for signing up on the mailing list. If you dig what I'm doing and would like to help fund the making of the next Davola record, please purchase the new single as well as my first record "Dichotomy" it makes all the difference.

At any rate, I'll be posting snippets of rough demos of brand new material soon. Can't wait for you all to hear it.

Thanks again to everyone for their support and belief in what I'm trying to do.

Speak soon.



Writing the new Davola record.

Greetz all.

Seeing as it's been an obscenely long time since I posted one of these, I figured I was due to get you all caught up with what's been happening with the Davola project.

Currently finishing up a long day at Sound Wars Studios in Hoboken NJ. Been hard at work getting drum sounds and editing the MIDI for brand new songs for the second Davola record which should be out late 2011. Trying to use both my time and the studio wisely while the Ill Nino guys are on tour in the US. (Check www.myspace.com/illnino for tour dates)

Like I said, it's been a long day but I can't tell you how happy I am with how the songs are taking shape. The material is turning out even more progressive and experimental than I could've imagined and I personally feel it's a big step from my first record "DICHOTOMY". The songs are.....just.......more....That's the best way I can say it. They're heavier, more intense, more extreme, more melodic and waaaaaaaay more dynamic I think. There's definitely a lot of catchy things going on as well. It's also much darker and more personal than the first record. A lot has happened between then and now and each song is definitely a snapshot into different periods in the last two years. Been bouncing around the country here and there from living in NH to uprooting and heading to Arizona for school to landing back on the east side in Hoboken NJ working for Ill Nino..........

........Crazy....................That's not even scratching the surface.

There have definiely been struggles. Peaks and valleys, ups and downs for sure and I feel that it is definitely reflected in the music. Music has always been my outlet. It's been my vehicle for chanelling my frustration and anger into something that is meant to be nothing but positive. Whether the rest of the world digs it isn't my concern at this point. Hopefully you dig but I can honestly say that I'm happy and can stand by this music 100% Hopefully you'll feel the same way.

Anyway, demos for 11 songs have been finished but I might add a 12th one to the bunch. We'll see. I'll be posting a little teaser of all the demos for the songs when things are a liiiiiiiiiiiitle more polished. What do you think about that? Would love your feeback so don't hesitate to sent me a message.

Aiiiiiight. That's it for now. Will keep you posted.

Thanks so much for supporting independent music

Aaron/Davola/Animus Rising

New Mix of "FATE" by Cristian Machado of ILL NINO is now up!

Hey you......

Down here in Jersey still. Was at Sound Wars studios with Cristian Machado (ILL NINO) overseeing the re-mixing for my song "Fate" from the Dichotomy record and I can honestly say it is a step up from the original version. Cristian was generous enough to share his mixing wisdom with this aspiring engineer and I intend to put it to good use for the next Davola record which is currently in Pre Production mode.

So check it out on my page here and compare it to the original. I think you'll agree that it's a step up from what it was. The tune will be featured on the official Sound Wars website alongside all the other sound wars artists. The website will be unveiled soon so be on the lookout. You're going to diiiiiiiiiiiig.

That be all fo now ked. Stay fackin BOSS!

Aaron/Davola/Animus Rising

Davola song Re-Mix by Cristian Machado (Ill Nino)

Hey gang.

Well I've been in the studio all day with Cristian Machado (Vocalist for Ill Nino and Chief engineer at Sound Wars Studios) working on Re-mixing a song from my record "Dichotomy" Been a long day but the mix sounds incredible! I can't wait to share it with you all. The song is called "Fate" and it's definitely my favorite tune off the record. If you can't wait, feel free to check out the original version of "Fate" either in Itunes


Or you can stream the song here

Thanks again all for the support. More music coming soon.

Aaron/Davola/Animus Rising