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Hey all. Been a busy week creatively speaking and as a result, I decided to resurrect an old blog I had from the depths of internet obscurity. I'm always on the look for new things that inspire me and wanted to share my findings with anyone interested. Basically what I've been consuming in the form of books, podcasts, music etc. Not sure how frequent this will be but at any rate, if this is helpful to someone then awesome! Thanks for reading



I suck at keeping a blog schedule/New Song/Fan Vocal Cover

Hey everyone Ha ha so yeah I'm really bad at adhering to a monthly blog routine. Apologies for that if you guys are following along. Speaking of that, feel free to chime in anytime if you want to. Conversation is always welcome around here. Anyway just wanted to give a little update while I had a minute and share a couple things. Last month I contributed vocals to a song called "Virago" and it's now available for your listening pleasure over at my soundcloud page. The quick version of the story goes like this.....A fellow by the name of Jimmy P wrote this bed of very heavy and melodic music and was in need of a singer and I immediately jumped at the opportunity after the first listen. Went in, got my violent vocal on and voila! Some chaotic groove laden metal. Hope you like it. Lyric video will hopefully be in the works soon. https://soundcloud.com/ac27/virago Speaking of video. I literally just uploaded a fan's vocal cover of my song "I of the Obscene" from the Dichotomy record. Was blown away when I saw his performance. So fucking cool! Honestly, It's very surreal to hear my lyrics sung back at me. I can't express how grateful that makes me feel. Anyway, if you're interested, check it out here as well as my page on reverbnation. https://youtu.be/YZpZP89RNaM That's all for now. Work continues on the new record. Doing what I can to make it as good as it can working as an independent artist. You can help big time by spreading the word. Thanks so much everyone. -Aaron-

Vocal audition for Eldvåg featuring Ola Englund and Krimh

Hey all, merry new year. So I thought I might have had enough time to squeeze in this post at the end of december but as the holiday lethargy kicked in, my lazy ass missed the fake deadline I set for myself. Oh what freedom to be the boss! :) Anyway, it’s been a busy month and felt like sharing a few things I found notable that you might be interested……….then again you might not……….um……..humor me? Consider this post part 1. More things to report soon. Eldvag Vocal audition So even before I get into December, I have to back up for a second and report on the tail end of November. I and at least 150 other applicants (if you want to call us that….) had the pleasure of auditioning for the lead vocalist spot for a project called Eldvag featuring Ola Englund (The Haunted, Feared, ex-Six Feet Under) and Kerim ”Krimh” Lechner (ex-Decapitated). ( Big shout out goes to Jonathan Hanemann for giving me the heads up about this audition in the first place. Thanks again Jonathan!) This was super exciting to be a part of to say the least. I was as very much into The Haunted from way back and really respect Ola as a player. Not to mention I’m a huuuuuuge fan of Krimh’s work on Decapitated’s last record “Carnival is Forever” so this was a bit of an honor for me to be a part of even if it only goes as far as the audition itself. We’ll see what happens….. The sessions went pretty quick. I wasn’t sure if there was a deadline or not so I wrote and recorded my vocal performance in about 5 days on and off. Getting an hour here and there in between my busy teaching schedule at the school of rock but I was presented with some awesome music and did the best I could. I’m very pleased with the results but you tell me! You can check out two different versions of my performance by going either to my youtube page or my sound cloud. Be sure to subscribe either way. Wish me luck! More content coming soon! Thanks all Aaron Youtube http://youtu.be/PWr_iwOHWBY Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/davola/eldvag-vox-audition-dreams-in-blood

New Interview with Evolution Rock Radio on the new album!

Well it was a busy October and sure enough, my intensely caffeinated induced memory lapse has stolen the month right out from under me. I wanted to take a minute just to recap some of the things what you might have missed. Interview Last week I had the good fortune to participate in an interview for Evolution Rock Metal Podcast regarding progress on the new album from the studio as well as my views on songwriting and career as both music instructor and session musician. Those who check out the interview can hear a snippet of BRAND NEW MATERIAL for your listening pleasure and or discomfort. Click here to read the interview http://evolutionrockpodcast.blogspot.com/2014/10/davola-new-album-studio-report-interview.html Free song on my sound cloud! Yes in case you missed it before, I’m making a lost track from the “Dichotomy” sessions available as a free download ONLY on my sound cloud page. While you’re there, feel free to check out how progress from the new album is sounding and more fun stuff that I can’t think of right now….yeah……..yeah… It’s worth it! GO! GO NOW!!!!!!! Link to free music woo hoo! https://soundcloud.com/davola/from-within-1 Nickelodeon commercial??? Yes to those who don’t know, my song “I of the Obscene” is currently being used in a promotional bumper for Nickelodeon. I’m still working out the kinks of what’s going on with the licensing company I worked with to give them the song (more on that another time) But you can view it here or anytime at 1AM when you’re watching Teen Nick…….yeah…more on all that later. But on the other hand, you guys are super resourceful and have tracked down my music through the Nickelodeon commercial. As of right now my “video” for “I of the Obscene” is at 2,432 views. Thanks so much you guys. Check out a fan’s tv screen playing the commercial here http://youtu.be/8Yk8qLaB9CI And here ha ha http://youtu.be/T2uc5UZ9hR4 And I’m sure many more to come. Anyway thanks everyone. Speak soon Aaron

Breach of Contract/My song in a Nickelodeon commercial/Crowdfunding campaing

"Hello all I apologize in advance for how lengthy a post it will be but if you can take the time to read, I would appreciate it greatly...........here it goes.

My song "I of the Obscene" is currently being used in a Nickelodeon commercial. Attached is a video taken by a fan of his own TV screen as the commercial is being aired. (There are other's floating around on Youtube if you feel like viewing them as well)


After speaking to two different attorneys, it looks like I am facing a possible breach of contract between myself and a company in NYC (which will remain nameless until confirmed) I licensed my music through.

In 2012, An agreement was signed between myself and this company stating that there was to be an even 50/50 split of any revenue generated from the use of my music licensed out to any company. To this date, I have received zero royalties for the use of my song in the commercial and to my knowledge, the commercial began airing in October of 2013 and is still in rotation. So as it stands until we know more, it appears this company (who is affiliated with nickelodeon by the way) gave my song to Nickelodeon to be used in their commercial and I have not yet been compensated as part of our signed agreement. In other words, it looks like this company breached our contract.

To confirm this, my attorney will be contacting this company to find out more. However, I'm required to pay a $1000.00 retainer fee to cover legal expenses and will need to come up with half of the money by friday June 6th to get the ball rolling. Unfortunately what with normal everyday living expenses/loans and my recent medical bills due to the accident involving me getting dragged down a block by a New York City Taxi driver, I don't have the money to cover a $1000.00 retainer. So I have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the money for the retainer and any additional legal fees that may be necessary for my case. This a very humbling position for me to be in. I've always considered myself super independent and I really hate having to ask anyone for money but what with the time frame and the current circumstances, I really feel that I don't have any choice. I will be starting the campaign on Monday. Any support will be immensely appreciated and compensated for. Thank you so much for reading and please spread the word to those you know.

Thank you all again."

Aaron Cloutier/Davola

For those who would like to contribute, please click the link below


Davola on the Radio, CD release, New album in progress

Very happy to say that I've been added to this weeks rotation over at Revolver Underground radio show. Be sure to head over to check out the show and if you listen to my stuff, feel free to request it again to keep it in rotation. Thanks everyone

Check out the show here


Work continues on album number two. As part of a means to raise funds for a proper recording and distribution/packaging budget, I've finally released my debut album "Dichotomy" on CD and is available now in CDbaby. Songs on the record include a few that have had some airtime on Jango including "Fate" "I of the Obscene" and "One Second Of Clarity". A digital download version of the album is also available as well as in Itunes, Amazon.com and many others. Any support is greatly appreciated.

Head here to purchase the CD


For a signed copy of the CD, please email me directly at davolametal@gmail.com (paypal accepted only)

I couldn't be more sincere in my saying of the words "thank you" to all of you who have taken an interest into the music I make and would love to connect with you all. Please don"t hesitate to visit me on my twitter or facebook to say hello.



Thanks so much


First album "Dichotomy" to be released as a physical CD tomorrow

So just an update on albums and whatnot. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I was given a deadline of December 31'st of 2013 to finish the new DAVOLA record. Sadly due to technical difficulties and time constraints, the deadline was not met. However, I have pressed 1000 copies of my first album "Dichotomy" and will be making it available for sale via CD Baby iTunes Amazon.com and others. To those of you out there who always wanted this record in CD form will finally have it made available to them. The CD comes in a 4 panel digipak with updated artword from the lovely and talented artist "Cube In the Desert" I'll be heading to DiscMakers tomorrow to pick up the shipment. Anyone interested in supporting this project can contact me directly to purchase a physical copy of the record. Or you can go through the many online retailers that will be announced in the next week. Once again, thank you to everyone for your interest and support. And thank you to everyone who helped make this record in the first place. Please spread the word. -Aaron-

Buzz on Christopher Lee's Metal record/Deadline confirmed for new Davola record

Hey everyone Sorry to interrupt you with another shameless self promotion segment but the discussion continues over the new Metal record released by Christopher Lee that I had the fortune to be a part of. Feel free to check out an interview Christopher had with Skullbanger Media regarding the historical concept behind the record.


Work continues on the new Davola record. Currently in lyric writing mode as we speak. Will be going into great detail regarding the concepts behind the record upon it's release. At this point, my self made deadline has been confirmed for me by the fine folks at Discmakers to be december of this year at the absolute latest. And so 1,000 pressings of the CD will be available on Discmakers and various online stores as well as digital distribution through itunes and so many others.

Thanks to everyone who's recently joined. If you have any questions for me directly, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

Thanks all.


I'm on a metal record with Christopher Lee.......seriously?

So I'm very happy an honored to announce that I was hired to be part of a new record from renowned actor Christopher Lee (Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Sleepy Hollow ect). And yes, it is most indeed a metal record. I was very fortunate to have been chosen to contribute my vocal work to the project and it goes without saying that it is super exciting to be a part of it.

The record is called Charlemagne: The Omens of Death" so be sure to check out the article and stream all the tracks featured ( including my contribution if you are so inclined (The Devil's Advocate) You'll catch a few seconds of me channeling Devin Townsend) The record is out on itunes on Monday. GO GET IT!

Read about it here on blabbermouth.net


Updates on new music from yours truly are coming soon so until then horns up! orbs up! and drinks up! Will talk to you all soon!



Song with Christopher Lee???

Hey all.

Been a while since I gave an update here as I've been plenty busy as Guitar and Vocal instructor at the School of Rock in Chatham, NJ. I've also been occupying my time as a session musician and this year has been particularly busy as well as extremely rewarding.

I've recently completed vocal work on a track "The Devils Advocate" from an album featuring Christopher Lee. (Sleepy Hollow, The Lord of The Rings Trillogy) and yes, it is indeed a metal record. Love it!

I'm very honored to have been part of the project and am looking forward to the release.

Here's a testimonial from the head of Charlemagne Productions on my services.

"We contracted Aaron Cloutier to record vocals from the track "The Devil's Advocate" from the album "Charlemagne: The Omens of Death" by Christopher Lee.

The professionalism, efficiency and creativity exceeded all our expectations. He possesses a wide vocal range and he is very knowledgeable, especially when it comes to introducing his own ideas. He sings every word with genuine emotion, whether that is sarcasm what is needed, laughter or aggression. Once of the great advantages in working with Aaron is that he also understands the production process, so apart from recording he delivers the project exactly how you asked. He works fast and keeps you updated at every stage of recording."

J. Aneiros Charlemagne Productions Ltd London, UK

I feel very grateful.

Anyway, tracking begins for the new Davola record this saturday finally. You will see new music soon!

Thanks to everyone for hanging in there. Your support is nothing short of awesome and couldn't be more appreciated. Keep it coming!