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get into real love songs with feelings of momeries of real love. feeling that you had when you was in real love. start our wellness program with bobbie bell then go to myspace.com/bobbie/kennymoore and get your real feeling back in check.......

why/bobbie bell/christie maiola

in the studio you and me in love /bobbie and christie gave you the meaning what it feel like to be close friends and how to treat someone close to you that you really care very much for that person. why is a match it ask the question why are can't we love each other more now day life has not change that much so why not love each other nw..

you and me in love/bobbie bell

a song that will make think how important it is to love a person that you care so much for don't forget to give love is to get love / you and me in love / bobbie bell

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Bobbie Bell/lydia cobbert
Bobbie Bell/lydia cobbert  (over 5 years ago)

you and me in love /bobbie bell this this is a very warm and touching make you feel wanted and need by someone who really loves you.......

100 percent means i love you/bobbie bell