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2013? going well so far...

It's been very busy these last few months.. released the new LP, filled the diary with gigs, and now more keep coming every couple of days... it is going to be a very busy summer with lots of outdoor gigs to look forward to.

roll on summer..

instruments in my possesion

so this blog is going to provide a snapshot of my instrument collection up till this point.... Guitars... Epiphone Emporer 70's Jap LP copy 1958 Hofner Congress Fender Telecaster acoustasonic Fender Acoustic Indie Tree of life Carvalho flamenco 70's Kay acoustic Swift Acoustic Bass Keys.. 80's Casio MT65 Bontempi Accordian 1930's Barrett & Robinson Piano Thumb Piano things that you blow in.. Big recorder Medium recorder Little recorder bird whistler Percussion bongos tambos rain stick lots of shakers There's still so much I want to get!

new song

So.. there's been a lot of civil unrest in the Uk over the last week. I was thinking of writing a song containing this element, but maybe not as obvious as 'I predict a riot' so I'm threading a theme through the whole proceedings about the lost chance of a relationship.. tough work but you've got to love a challenge.. I'll let you know how I get on :)

frequent blogger?

oops forgot about this, got all carried away with the band, (which went through a rapid line up change), so... now here's my second blog.. I've been colloborating with John Hynes at the dusk rooms @ rushden music studios. We've been recording some tear jerkers and it's been hard emotionally going back through all those emotions that I felt to write those songs. However I am very pleased with the results. There's an album of these collaborations on the way, plus the possible prospect of some record company interest, it's still early days, but it's nice to think that they have some level of interest. As for the live gigs. I've been all over the country doing live spots and radio interviews. I'm taking a few weeks off now to do some songwriting and recording. But maybe I will remember to add them to this site this time... :)

first blog

As an avid non-blogger apparently I have to change my ways.. So... here it is the first blog, I guess. Currently Im listening to a lot of Midlake and Tim Hardin, happy to say that the band is coming together and I guess that is what is occupying me the most. It's exciting to consider the prospect of the roads ahead, the people that will swing into view and the good times to be had.. That's pretty positive for me... I suppose it helps that it's Thursday night too. I love my fridays. I finish work early get home, drag a load of instruments into my front room, turn the amps on and have a jam. Then bbc4 always give you some very good music tv.. There, that's enough for now. Bye!