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This summer it's all about live performance. Contacting venues, setting up shows, busking whenever I can. If you know of a venue that needs live music let me know. If you know of a venue that doesn't need live music but has a stage let me know, I'll be there. Best way to get my name out there is to let people listen to my music! Share the love!

1st Semester

Hopefully by winter break I will have multiple recordings finished and posted on reverbnation! Look for them!

Summer Time

So my EP is off to Mastercom down in Miami so that it can get mastered, designed, and duplicated. This Fall I'll be arriving at Catawba with a professional CD, shrink wrapped and all!

EP - By The Door

It's here, it's recorded, it's finished and for sale!

The 5 songs that are here on my reverbnation make up the five song EP that I am selling this summer and fall! If you want a copy send me a message on facebook or at my email motiks1@gmail.com! They're only $5, I hope you guys enjoy the CD!


Almost Over...

So my first year at Catawba is quickly coming to a close. It's insane how fast its gone by! I've learned so much and met so many amazing people already I can't wait to see what happens in the years to come!

I've been in a songwriting slump lately but last night I finally got out of it and wrote a new song that I think is really good! (Thank you Silas for introducing me to open D!)

I'm in the process of recording three songs: Syrup in my eye, Smokin' paws, and By the door. They will be up next week so look for them and share my page with everyone you know :)

Hope everyone has a great summer, hopefully more videos will be up too.

Keep music in the air

The Show - April 9th

Everything is geared up for the show, we are cranking full speed ahead trying to get everything ready. It's crazy how the little things can slow you down, forgotten lyrics, other rehearsals, or even just the need for percussion when it's not working! But it will be ready and we will sound great! I'm deciding that now. Hope to see everybody there!

Keepin' It Going

Recording sessions are happening weekly. Keep looking for my new recordings as they come out. Recording and writing while taking classes and everything else is definitely a tall order but I'm still working. Hope you guys like my work, keep sending it out to your friends!