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"Smoking While I Do This" Get It Today!!!

Free download. No need to be a member, just click the link, and get doped up with the "Smoking While I Do This" mixtape from De'Mar!! http://www.datpiff.com/DEMAR-SMOKING-WHILE-I-DO-THIS-mixtape.603215.html

"Smoking While I Do This" now available!!!!!!!

The brand new mixtape by De'Mar "Smoking While I Do This" is now available on Datpiff.com for free download. Sponsored mixtape so you dont have to be a member to download!!!


#SWIDT coming!!!!

The "Smoking While I Do This" mixtape from ItsDe'MarBaby is coming soon folks!!! We have a lot of work being done to create a great body of work for you all!! Sorry for it, but it'll be worth the wait!!

"LookUp" music video!!

The "LookUp" video will be coming to you all in a matter of days. De'Mar brings you the raw, uplifting, personal lyrics, and smacks each ending verse with just a little bit of poetry. Be on the look out for this!! #HSOE

New Videos!!!!

Check out 2 new videos from De'Mar!! First the "FlyRight" music video, which is the prelude track for the upcoming mixtape in January, "Smoking While I Do This". Next, De'Mar has his new webisode season called "Right To Left" (R2L)!!! Check out both new video entries and subscribe to our YouTube channel HSOE910

Moving Foward

As De'Mar's "Realest Rapper 'Round" album continues to grow in numbers he is currently working on a short film titled, "From Left to Right" which captures the transition of the HighSociety movement from North Carolina to Long Beach California. Be on the look out for teaser videos and more coming up about the soon to be "From Right to Left" documentary.

"Realest Rapper 'Round" (RRR)

Go download it people! Its finally here!! "Realest Rapper 'Round" #RRR #HSOE Go Get IT!! http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail.php?id=432751

"Realest Rapper 'Round" (RRR)

Mixing and mastering for the new album, "Realest Rapper 'Round" is being completed as we type!! Everyone be on the look out for this. Totally new and different sound, is being brought to you by De'Mar aka Sir. Smoke Alot. "Realest Rapper 'Round" will for sure be a listening pleasure. #HSOE #RRR

New track, "Roll The Tape"

Giving you another track by De'Mar, from the upcoming album, "Realest Rapper 'Round". Check it out!

Realest Rapper Round' near completion!!

De'Mar is nearly done wrapping up the "Realest Rapper Round'" album!! Release date coming soon! Get ready!! Follow us @highsociety_910 and @itsdemarbaby on twitter and instagram