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The Metronome...!

The Metronome..!

Many of my students hate it when I tell them to “pull out your metronome” during lessons! They seem to find the metronome boring and monotonous; however, it is this little device that has separated the men from the boys (or the ladies from the girls, for that matter) for many years!

I explain to them that practicing with the metronome will ensure the timing and discipline of their musical expression, application, and execution! Furthermore, it emphasizes the definition of the word “patience,” which is a pre requisite for becoming a musician! My saxophone teacher told me very early that I had done well, but he would teach me how to do better! His suggestion was to “be patient, slow it down, and let it come to me!”

The metronome will help you eliminate flaws in your playing, develop precise timing, and make you the disciplined and dynamic player that audiences will pay to hear!

-Quintin Gerard W.

What is Fnkysax?

Fnkysax is a culture and lifestyle derived from experiencing life from the urban paradigm. This is not to say that Fnkysax is exclusive to the urban culture, however it is essential that this experience known as the “urban culture” is embedded and woven into the spiritual fabric of one’s genes and chromosomes. Fnkysax is comprehensive; however it derives its power and identity from the primordial spiritual vibration which resonates from the CREATOR! Fnkysax epitomizes one’s desire to express themselves in all integrity, truth, and honesty. For this is the key to being able to connect with the listener on a spiritual and musical plane far above the mundane, monotonous, phoney, fake, and predictable levels. Finally…Fnkysax is creation not imitation or limitation!

Quintin Gerard W. The Fnkysax Player!

Sweet Sounding Saxophone

I've been asked repeatedly by musicians and students what mouth piece and reed combination I use to get the tone I produce. Although a good reed and comfortable mouthpiece is part of the equation, it is not the complete answer. You must understand that a beautiful sound comes from practicing and controlling long tones. Many Saxophone players who are just starting out want to play really fast and that becomes their focus. Remember, you must "Sound Good" before you can "Play Good." Stay tuned for more thoughts and insights on how you too can play a "Sweet Sounding Saxophone!"

Quintin Gerard W. The Fnkysax Player!