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The latest..

News, news, shmoooz.... with a new album and EP out on Bandcamp, and just coming out of a long painful hibernation, we are starting up with shows again, as well as rehearsing new material as always... we are seeking also to get more TRUE D.I.Y style shows going, that give real bands, real exposure... if you're gonna "book your own life" why not do it right, bypass all the club/venue politics, and find your own spaces, and places, and ways to bring the noise party to those who truly love it, need it, crave it, and are currently missing it. Otherwise, we are pleased to announce a Live DVD filming that we are doing at The Trocadero Mainstage Theatre on April 5th, we ask all our friends, family, fans, and other music buddies to come out and party the night away with us, and get your mugs on film!


Just now we have put together our bandcamp page featuring most of our merchandise and albums we have to offer.. including the release of our new album "Wake Up To Sacred Cows" Our record release show for the album is being planned as we speak to coincide with our 15th anniversary which is technically later this summer, perhaps in the fall we will throw the show... Also, as a note and warning to any venues out there who seek to make us do your work as a booker, as a promoter, as a street teamer etc as well as play the show, and get stiffed if YOU are dissastified with the crowd turn out, beware! we will NOT grace your stages, we will NOT do YOUR job, we are artists, not businessmen, we seek to entertain YOUR crowd in order to build a fan base, or to realize where we shouldnt play again... if you insist on us doing more than our fair share, and NOT paying us a single cent, we will no longer be involved with your Pay to play types... thank you and good afternoon.

Quantum Leaps, Freaks and Geeks

This Summer is when it all shall commence, and shall continue throughout the fall and winter non stop, new everything! stay tuned!

The new album title and Theme.... Wake Up To Sacred Cows

I've already been getting some questions as to what the title of our next album even means, and/or stands for.. Well, the term "Sacred Cows" dates back to the 1960s when New Orleans D.A. Jim Garrison referred to the 8 supreme court justices as such, in exchange for filing suit to cut off his raids on organized crime within Orleans parrish, he is most famous as being the only man, dead or alive to ever bring an indictment, or trial in to the murder of President John F Kennedy.. the term Sacred Cows is used for the theme of this album in order to showcase in a rather tounge in cheek way, how our government has taken much of what we thought were our rightful freedoms away from us, and have replaced it with a complacent acceptance amongst us in a rather fascist system... Also, The Cow that shall appear on the album cover symbolizes, a judge/government official ruling over us like bad naive children, or dogs...

New videos! go watch em!

After a long time in the making, and a long absence from Videos, we've uploaded not 1, but 2 music videos for the songs "The Brides Red Ass Fang" (featuring good friends, Sarah Gallagher, and Robert Hamilton, as well as us as the cast), and "Helpless From The Sun" (a political clipshow of historical massacres and tragedies that have sadly shaped our nation in to what it is today). Both of these songs are off our new album "Wake Up To Sacred Cows" which shall be released just before the Summer solstice, which has itself been a long time in the making, but you wont be disappointed in the least.. 11 full length tunes, each of different sound, and influence, but come together as our signature sound as a band.. We also have uploaded several different behind the scenes and studio clips of us working on the "Systematic" Video up in Centralia, Pa a couple years back, as well as the recording sessions for both "Ego Vs Icon" recorded by Brian McKay @ Audiolux Recording, and "Wake Up To Sacred Cows", recorded by Ted Richardson @ Cedar Street Studios, both in Port Richmond... but it doesnt stop there, much more shall be coming your way soon enough, much love to you, fellow GantoSaurs!

Spring-Summer 2013 Ganto's Log

With all that has happened over the course of the last few years, its been pretty tough to keep track of everything, be it good, or bad, its been one rollarcoaster after another, but we're over all happy with what we've been able to accomplish as a band, as people, and as musicians.. this summer is our 15th anniversary!, and we'd like to announce some changes, as well as exciting things to come... With our departure from Toil Records after our alotted time with them, we've decided that unless circumstances are truly worth it, we have no interest in labels, or management, we haven't the money, time, or patience to handle anything that lies outside being a band, that enjoys their music, and enjoys recording and releasing music for you all to have the chance to listen to and bang your heads to... YOU our fans, families, and friends mean the world to us, and we simply want to make it simple to interact with us, at live shows, or on recording.. You may have also noticed we haven't been gigging as much, this is based on our decision to only take on shows that are worth it to both US and our FANS, FAMILIES, and FRIENDS. We plan to play as many FREE admission shows as possible in order to give our people as well as any future fans, and friends, the opportunities to simply show up and have fun despite having money troubles, which many of us seem to have these days..If you find you like us enough to purchase any merch, by all means it would be much appreciated, and we shall thank you for your support, and if you can't afford it, no worries, we're just happy to see your rocken faces! Should we choose to perform at any "venues" in the future, we promise it will be a night to remember, until then, bring your friends, your 40s ozs, and a hunger for local original music! Also we plan on putting together a combined album release/ Anniversary Party show of FREE admission at a special spot to be announced as we get closer to the fall season, as we would like to, and need to set up shop in a rehearsal spot in the city, and get ourselves back to form, not to mention there are already several NEW song ideas for an album or EP in the works as we speak, However "Wake Up To Sacred Cows" shall be released later this season, and we will be looking forward to hearing what you all think of it, worth the wait?? :) it also features appearances by old friends and family of ours.... Over and out for now, Peace Gantosaurs!

April 2013/Philly Bound!

We are officially a Philly based band! 2013 is going to be quite a multitude of change for the better, not to mention, the new album is coming out soon, (long awaited), 2 new videos,(long awaited), as well as a full appearance on Indie191ZTV, featuring our first full headlining set of music that spans our whole career as well as some of our personal favorites to play, an Unplugged performance to be released to DVD, and youtube, as well as a Live DVD spanning shows from The Ego Vs Icon Tour, and last but not least, a boxset spanning our whole career full of rare demos, jams, and outtakes/rare video footage etc etc etc... We are currently in the process of moving and setting up shop by summer time, and continuing to play shows to enthusiastic crowds, and having a damn good time doing it! keep your eyes, ears, and faces pealed, we are coming around with some major releases, and a major anniversary celebration! 15 Years this summer! I LOVE LIVING IN THE CITY!!

October/November 2012...

Here's the first update in a while!! We took ourselves out of the ratrace for the summer season due to illness, and the need to take care of some things on the homefront via our families and friends.. However we are back in action with a new album to be released just after the new year, a whole new live set, refreshing energy, as well as a few new videos that will premiere upon their completion, on Indie191ZTV sometime around the holidays.. We are also currently on the market for a manager, and some touring buddies, as we've tried to get out on the road for a while and its proved very expensive due to lack of guaranteed payments on the venues' part.. any takers??? :o) alot of projects concerning the band shall be taking place in the shape of events rather than typical shows from now on, such as an unplugged performance that we postponed last holiday season shall be underway this coming season, as well as working to put together a free music festival where you'll get to see Philly's best unsung heros of the underground that deserve to be seen and heard... and the audience shall never pay a dime to see them, save your money for their records... More coming soon..

2012 Jan...

In recent news, we kicked off our new year with a relaxing NYE, our last show @ The Tritone before she closes her doors, new plans for a springtime tour of the NE US, a video podcast performance/interview with Indie191 ZTV coming up soon, Ghostbusters 3 goes in to production as well this coming spring in NYC, I wonder if they'll take our songs for their soundtrack?? an awesome show to be broadcast live on air @ Sweeney's Saloon in NE Philly is coming up in Feb, not to mention a special appearance @ Discmakers annual DM Palooza @ The World Cafe Live... and a new album's worth of material about to be recorded in the spring.... Stay Tuned for more as the news breaks...

Happy Holidays!

What a way to start out the season, a good set at the note on saturday night, made alota fans, friends, contacts, got to see some familiar faces, but alas, we will not be going to Austin for SXSW, no biggie, now all we need to do is wind it down for the while with an UNPLUGGED show in our favorite little town, Audubon, NJ this friday with some friends, and some other good stuff later on... its time to relax and take a load off until Jan.. hell and highwater knows we deserve it! we are still free for parties though... hit us up