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Life Is A State of Mind

"Wherever you go, there you are". I was reading some interesting Zen concepts lately. It's good to absorb philosophies from other areas, as it springs forth many wells, I say. Anyway, to paraphrase something that stood out for me: "An individual who seeks real truth and real love need not travel the world in search. It will move in next door."

Music Is A Refuge

But which do you truly enjoy the most? Creating or simply listening? Also, can you listen to your own compositions for enjoyment and entertainment, or must you listen to something else?

I wish I could Speak French

But I can't/

The Ripple Effect

I'm not one for a big cosmic philosophy, but there is no doubt regarding the "ripple effect". There are no coincidences, merely results. Really. -mh


Capitalism is wonderful, if you can afford it.


If you enjoy Big, Bold and Symphonic, then check out Ian Fisher's ReverbNation page under FabledPilgrim Compositions! This is some very nice work to admire professionally, or just hit Play All and enjoy. Recommended. Really. -mh

Check Out These Artists On ReverbNation

Right now i am really digging Sees The Day. David is a genius. Also, Galen Crew is offering up some of the best Pop anywhere. Please, please check them out!

Everything Ends

Foregone conclusion.

But Seriously

I sometimes feel I take all of this too seriously. I mean, we all know that laughing is some serious business.


This isn't rocket science. So my NASA funding has been cut. Stupid rockets.