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A little history

Chaos Beneath the Surface About the Band

Heavily influenced by bands such as: Slipknot, Whitechapel, Nile, Chelsea Grin, and Cradle of Filth, vocalist Mark Gelinas, guitarists Ryan Ibarra and Andrew Nave, and drummer Paul Orsini, make up the band Chaos Beneath the Surface. Formed in the spring of 2008, Chaos Beneath the Surface are determined to bring metal back to Connecticut. Chaos Beneath the Surface, out of Waterbury, Connecticut, began when Mark grew tired and feed up with the “metal” in his home state. Determined to create a band that will revive metal, Mark began his painstaking search for the right musicians. After months of looking, Mark met Ryan. Together the two wasted no time in getting started, writing the foundations to three songs in the first practice. With the first practice a success, Mark and Ryan began the search for a drummer who could not only play the music, but fit in with them as friends. Ryan immediately knew a perfect person to fit the job and pursued his good friend Paul. After a few days of talking, Paul agreed to jam. From that point on, it was all uphill with no looking back. For the rest of 2008 to January of 2009, Chaos Beneath the Surface stayed in the basement, writing several songs before booking shows. When January came, Chaos Beneath the Surface were ready. January 11th 2009, they played their first show at Webster Underground. Summer of 2009, Chaos Beneath the Surface recorded their EP “Scream for Hate and Pain”. Since then Chaos Beneath the Surface has picked up there most recent addition, a guitarist, Andrew Nave, also from the Waterbury area; and have now begun writing their first full length album. To hear Chaos Beneath the Surface, Check out their MYSPACE: myspace.com/chaosbeneaththesurface9711

To contact Chaos Beneath the Surface: Email: CBTS9711@yahoo.com Or Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Chaos-Beneath-The-Surface/15853338723