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Booked and Ready to Rock!

Hey there everyone! New update on the show at The Downtown...It's booked and we're officially on the schedule for Saturday May 14th! It's gonna be a great show and we're looking forward to rocking out with such a crazy popular Knoxville band as Zero Point. We're currently looking into recording another track to add to our four song EP and also revamping our cd with a more professional look. We've got some things to do in the time between now and the show, so hopefully it all pans out. Hope to see as many of you at The Downtown as possible and look forward to rocking everyone's face off! Take care and Rock on!

New date, more opportunity

We've recently been back-and-forthing with Zero Point and Alan at The Downtown and there's good and bad news with the bad news not being quite so bad. April has been booked up with the exception of a thursday which isn't going to work for us to be able to book with Zero Point. May is looking promising and all the extra time before the show is going to prove beneficial. We're looking into possibly recording another song to add to the demo as well as pouring some money into a more profesional look for it and possibly some merchandise (t-shirts, etc.). Keep listening and checking in as I will be posting the date promptly as soon as I receive a confirmation e-mail. Spread the word as far as you can because we have a feeling this is gonna blow up bigger than anyone could know...

Shows coming soon!

We've recently touched base with Alan at The Downtown and our friends from Zero Point on booking a show possibly in April. Right now, it looks as if it may be the 16th of April, but we're still waiting to get word back from Alan to confirm that date. We'll post updates and e-mail those on the mailing list about any changes or when the show actually is on the books. Take care all!

Tears to Embers New ReverbNation Account

Hey everybody! Just got started with our reverbnation account and now it's up to everyone to decide how quickly it grows! Come check out our music and pics, join the mailing list to get info on upcoming shows and merchandise, and tell all your friends there's a new local Knoxville band out there...Tears to Embers! Rock on everybody and thanks for all the love and support, it matters so much to us!