Black Beast Revival / Blog

Weekend 05/05/2011 to 05/08/2011 with Black Beast Revival

The weekend took off with several shots on Cinco De Mayo at the Fairhaven,followed by awesome rocking show with kick ass group Takes all Kinds and the crazy guys in Pirate Pirate Motor Home. Then it continued into friday morning, with a sombrero after party that refused to stop until the tequila sunrise.

Saturday kicked into second Gear, when we played a great all ages show at the Common Grounds in Burlington. After the show Black Beast Moved it's way to another epic night of sacrified cooked goat meat, Keg tossing, Dance party in a semi-truck and kickball. The morning birds song is what brought sleep to the Beast.

Sunday night calm at first, but it would bring more music.10 hit Rumors with one of the most epic bands in town Kolwalski. Follwed up by PPM rockin as usal. Black Beast played it's best of the weekend. Zack was climbing on everything he could climb while rockin the guitar. Bill filled the room with the thunder of his drums and Brice Laid down the smoothest bass lines.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of it. It was great weekend.