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Things change, life change. Potonka make big change. Focus on guitar. Learn scales, learn to make more noise!! Stay tuned.

So Sorry

SHAPE TOY is the new release by POTONKA available soon!

Free ride IS OVER!!!! They have been mixed and mastered for your pleasure.


Grab these rough mix tunes for free while you can. For now free, but not for much longer, bitches

Why I Create

I have been experiencing back pain for a bunch of years. These "tunes" are works that have been going on for a long time and some for a very short time, but, only lately I have felt "right"(just fuckit) releasing. Mainly because this is all I have as a creative outlet and I might as well make you assholes endure it too. So, back issues have forced a drumming retirement for now. So, dig my electronica shit. Ya wanna hear it, here it go... just hit the play button thingy, thanks


New sounds, this was put together over a 3 month period. Piece by piece, and it really made no sense, but I felt like it grooved, so I said, "Hmmmm, fuck it, let's upload it!"


Allllrighty then, so, you may have noticed, I haven't kept up with my Potonka music. Well, now, I have a renewed vigor. A back injury has sidelined my drumming, so now I am getting into Dub/Electronic, but trust me, it will not be like all other Dub/Electronica. It will be Potonkafied! Stay tuned!