Guts Summer Update.

This is only our second blog on our page... What in the fuck? We will continue to add more blogs to our page. That way we can keep up with everyone and let them know what we are up too. Summer has treated us pretty well. We gained an old friend to play guitar in the band. After recording sessions ended, Brandon parted ways. Zack Egan Is back in the state or Arizona to fill the guitar void. The band has been hard at work over the last year or so on new material. So far so good. We are in good shape. Very excited for more songs to arise, and shows have been kicking ass. We hope to have a Music video of some kind in the next few months. More merch for sale including some damn hats (finally) and shirts. Paying with Havok Sept 9th, thats going to be a gig to come and check out. check out the flyer on our pages. We thank you for the support over the years!! Keep it up. Arizona needs to keep its Metal ALIVE! Cunt

1st dumb ass blog