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The Long Road.. continued

Along comes Mike Grant and Andrew Teeple. The people that convinced me that the songs I wrote were worth a damn. John Ptak and Charlie Davis, the two guitarists on the recordings whos honesty was always MUCH respected and welcomed and whos musicianship, to this day, still amazes me. Combine all these people together....you get Scarlett. But the biggest thing to me? IF you add up all the shows I did in other bands in a year and put it up against the feeling I have from completing ORIGINAL songs and seeing them grow into what they are today....this feeling would win every single day. Every single time. All the people mentioned in this need credit where credit is due. I love all of them. They all have helped me, motivated me, told me when I was being stupid, told me when I was missing something, told me when things were great. But the feeling I have today, sitting here, listening to something that I first heard 4 years ago in my Canterbury Green apartment with my little shit guitar, its still surreal. These songs may not make a million dollars, they may not ever make the charts, or the radio. But they made it . . . they are recorded. they are finished. . . And Ive never felt so good. So again, to all the fans, or the non-fans reading this....THANK YOU. For your patience, your frustration, your honesty, your time. This whole thing is a little much, and a little cheesy. But when it comes to thanking people for something that means alot to me...I dont think it can be overdone. SO again, thank you. :) When these songs come out on Friday, and if even just one person clicks to purchase them *thanks mom*, my fans will have made me the happiest person on that day. :) Staci Elizabeth Stork

The Long Road.....

Hey Yall! Its Staci. I wanted to share a little about me, and my history as a musician. I feel like I owe some explanations to some fans that have followed me over the last couple years. . . . so here it goes. Alot of you knew me way back when. 3 years ago when I was in Shilo! I was the short haired blonde girl and people were like "alright, whos this chick?" I was already overstepping my boundaries by coming into a band that has been together and with faithful followers for years. I was the new kid on the block. And I was scared as hell..... Id never really played REGULARLY. I played in dorm rooms, Id sang the national anthem at school events, and Id sang at church. Id done the occasional talent show, but cmon who hasnt? This was new. Shilo was HUGE to me. And thats when it got ahold of me. The busy weekends, the sore throats, the "stardom", the meeting big names. It was all awesome, but it always felt like there was something more to this, like Shilo wasnt enough. Now, dont take that thewrong way. Shilo was awesome. Great guys, and I have to give them credit for starting me and getting me acquainted with the life that is the music business. I felt like there was something more, and I left. I wanted to write. I wanted to sing original songs. I wanted to do this on my own. I thought I was all I needed. Needless to say, I was WAY wrong. But after a year of doing "my own things", more talent shows, and competitions, I missed it. I missed the shows, I missed the practices, the comraderie that comes with being in a band. But above all, I missed the fans. Meeting new people is so much fun to me. Then came Lincoln Highway. Brandon Gerber and I got some chemistry. If you have ever seen me and this man on stage together, you know we rock harmonies, were best friends, and had SO MUCH FUN. I have to say I sincerely miss singing with him quite often. Barry Drudge, the entertaining guitar God, and Derrick Dunn. Two of my favorite musicians. I have to say with brandon, barry, and derrick, I learned ALOT about the music business. They taught me lessons I dont even think they realize. . . . but again, something felt like it was missing. I realized, I wanted to write. It was where I felt at home. So I left. Again. It must be pretty popular to leave and run around to different bands in fort wayne because I honestly see alot of other people doing it....but anyways...continued next blog).


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