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With the mass exodus that is SXSW upon us, things are quiet in the town this week. It seems that everyone with a dream and a sizable enough bank account that Chase presumably won’t be charging them a fee for checking due to not meeting a certain savings threshold (you assholes) has bounced for sunnier pastures and a more vibrant scene bursting with potential — potential to network, potential to be seen, potential to get the hell out of Seattle. It’s no secret that the SOTA boys, Grieves, Sol, and most everybody else who headed south is hoping to catch someone’s eye on a national level and get things cracking outside the Northwest. There’s only so much opportunity afforded by the Emerald City, and when it’s as saturated and dull a gem as it is this time of the year, there’s not a whole lot of reason to want to stick around. Winter in this part of the Northwest sucks just out of being bland and boring, a fact only heightened personally by this one being my first this side of the mountains in 4 years. But right as I get the itch to rashly abandon my birthplace, the sun stays out just a little bit later and memories of perfect summer days in an extraordinarily beautiful part of the world come to mind. The dark days brighten just enough in the video for Petty-P‘s “I Luv My City,” helmed by directorial impresario Jon Augustavo and his 200 Friends outfit. P’s name-drops are cool, as is the chorus from singer Abidyah, but what really stands out about the track itself is the beat, courtesy of Nitro Fresh. Exceptionally majestic, it’s an optimistic rap look at the 206. So is Augustavo’s touch, which covers the typical landmarks and people shots but with his usual high-quality production. Shot in black and white, the winter grays are lifted around the 3 minute as life comes to lush, exciting color. Yes, the colorless shots of the city showcase its grandeur, but the light and radiant hues make it exciting and full of life, matching the fullness of the beat and underscoring P’s reasons for this specific metropolitan acclamation. We’re almost there, almost over the dampness and lack of light and color and life. And when we get there, there is no reason to want to be anywhere else, nor any seeming lack of opportunity that cannot be found at home.

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Petty-P has grown into a solid artist. When he began recording Petty had said that this would be his last album. He has since changed his mind. I am truly glad,For Petty to quit would give his naysayers a victory. Say what you want about him but Petty-P has alot to offer this town. "Petty-P" is a very good album. Cop it. GO! FOUR STARS out of FIVE A-