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At this time of peril, two True Warriors were encamped to the East, each with his own band of men. They too had heard the drum, but they were wary of the cities, which they feared might amount to no more than a pox upon the land. They were glad to live by The Sword and The Law, which they took from the cities, but they wanted no part of the stench and the pestilence that choked the virtue from the city streets. To silence the hearts of their fighting men, each of these Warriors had fashioned an instrument, which they played at night by the fire. Thundor in the North played a deep and resonant lute made from the bones of great fish and the skins of wolves. It’s throbbing growl could be felt before it was heard! Strummor in the South played a lyre made from the bones and skin of a giant serpent, which changed the lyre’s voice accordingly to a cold-blooded howl that carried for many leagues. These two True Warriors would play alone and unbeknownst to each other, but because they both followed the distant pulse of Drummor, in truth they played as one. In time, Strummor and Thundor would also feel themselves compelled to seek allies in their ceaseless struggle against the barbarous gangs that roamed and pillaged with The Sword but without The Law. These two True Warriors were instructed by a nomadic seer to follow the dancing star that hung in the Western horizon. In time their paths inevitably crossed in the city of Ul, the Eastern capital of Drummor’s kingdom, and the seat of his throne. Night had only to fall, for The Three True Warriors to realize that they were all playing along to the primordial pulse that had drawn Drummor up from the depths of lawlessness, and led him to summon the People of the Drum. When this timeless pulse united The Three True Warriors, they became known as The One True Way. Finally, The Sword and The Law were joined, and the People of the Drum rejoiced. They gave many names to this new Authority – The Thunder of Heaven, The Echoes of Atlantis, The Code of The Cosmos, The March Beyond Time – but in the simplest ale houses where They hid from such adulation, they were known to the wenches and wastrels simply as Big Jim.