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New Solo Album

Just got back from recording some more songs for the album...even tho today was a free day for me, I was steady on my grind wit my music. ..:) gOodnight my friends :) #Thankful

Words Of The Wise

A Miricle may seem impossible...But guess what?? It happens Anyway.

New Video To Come?!?!?!?!

YES! getting my thoughts together for another one... :) :)


I made some apologies today and felt damn goOd about squashing the beef. Friendship is very important when youve got a goOd friend.


The band and I are hav about 9 songs completed!! :) Daymn Were gOOd ;) releasing 2 album this year...I THINK SO!! :)

Album Release Update :)

Got a tour of the Event Center 4 my Release Party :)Lots more exciting news to come... :)Stay tuned for the flyer :) Im Thankful.. :)

Its About time

Just finished recording the Last track off my upcoming album "Pure Gold" releasing May 12th 2012. Now its time to get my ass in gear and work harder toward making my dreams come tru

Is that Right ??? Yes.

Acheivement is only gained when the effort is put forth. How bad do you want it? how much effort will you put in to accomplish you dreams? GIVE 100% Make it worth the effort youre putting in

Tonight's Show

Tonights show...GREAT!! OooOh i Was on point! Killed it!! :) :) :) :) :)Thx for the oppertunity Mindy. great show!! and also the other performers, u guys really got down!!! I

My WeEkend GetAway

Sometimes you just need to get away...it helps you realize the pure beauty of the things your doing...or the things you got your mind set on. I'm thankful I got to hav this get away wit my family. They are my stress relevers along with my music ryte by my side. #ThankFul