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The Road to the Soul Experience

so...now that my album is coming to a production end....i figured i start telling you about the songs on the album and what the Soul Experience really is. The title "The Soul Experience" comes from the idea of a musical journey that takes you on a ride of all different sides of true soul music. I believe that real soul music has gotten lost due to so much focus on looking for a "one hit wonder." The industry has lost the pure essence of music...Music is supposed to come from the heart and bring love, joy, peace, and healing. I believe that the music God has allowed me to create is just that....With songs like "THe Definition of Love" you will hear God's love on a new level and the soul in it all thru it...another track on the album is called "More" which is a plea to receive more of God in every way....I recently recorded a new track for the album called "I Miss You" it is a very emotional track dedicated to the memory of my mother Lady Elaine!!! Just me and a piano...it's raw and i feel anybody that has loss anyone special to them will feel this record...that's it for now...more tracks coming soon so more blogs coming...but remember that soul music is not a one hit wonder it has longevity!!!

A soulful journey

so there aren't any male soul singers anymore.....and i think it's because everybody is looking for the quick dollar instead of the quality product. i can't sell out because it's not in me to produce or sing wack quick hits that will be forgotten in a year. where are the real true soul singers at???? the people who know that your gift will make room for you.....it's really bad in this industry...i see will jazmine sullivan wanted to take a break....sad that people like rihanna, and justin bieber and usher get praised but artist like tweet, anthony hamilton, chrisette michelle and marsha ambriousus get overlooked or don't get the full recognition they deserve because the industry ain't looking for true artistry......well I'm gonna bring soul singing back for the fellows....join me on this journey