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Woody Guthrie Centennial

CNY Musicians pay tribute to the original singer songwriter

On July 14th, Central New York musicians will come together to celebrate the music of Woody Guthrie on the Centennial of his birth. The celebration will begin at  5pm at Kellish Farm, located at 3192 Pompey Center Rd, Manlius, New York. Admission for the evening is $10. Audience members are invited to perform from 5-6pm. From 6-8pm, musicians can sign up to perform 15 minute sets in an open mic setting. The featured concert begins at 8pm and will conclude with an All-Star Jam performing Woody’s most recognized songs. The 8pm concert features two time SAMMY Award winner Kevin Dorsey, Common Threads host Larry Hoyt, and multi-instrumentalists Greg McCrea and Amy Christian among others. For those who think Woody’s music begins and ends with “This Land is Your Land” will be in for a shock. “Woody was the original singer songwriter. He paved the way for Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, etc,” says Kevin Dorsey. "He wrote children songs, protest songs, patriotic songs, historical songs, etc. He kept the earlier American folk music alive. Listening to his music can tell you what life was like in the US in the early to mid 20th century.” At the conclusion of the concert is an All Star Jam for the songs “This Land is Your Land”, “ This Train is Bound For Glory” and “Roll On Columbia.”  Kevin Dorsey and Greg McCrea will also perform a duo concert of Woody's music at Willard Chapel in Auburn, NY on Sunday July 8th beginning at 2pm. Tickets are $10 and is a fundraiser for the Chapel. Finally on July 13th, Kevin will perform a solo show at the Black-Eyed Susan in Angelica, NY featuring the music of Woody Guthrie beginning at 7pm.

First Blog... what do you want to hear about?

As I look ahead to my 40th birthday and beyond, I also find myself looking back on my musical life to see where I've been and where I want to go. After so many years as 'jazz bass player and composer', I asked myself, "Why do I have to be just that?" I have been expanding my palette over the last few years to include folk, celtic, pop and rock.

I'm in the beginning stages of reinventing myself to do... basically whatever I feel like doing! If a jazz recording is what I'm feeling next, that's what it will be. A folk CD? Music for yoga and relaxation? Rock music? I think too many times we limit ourselves by what we think other people want or expect. Or perhaps we play it safe by doing only what we are already good at. It's time to expand the horizons in our life!

What do you think?


PS- What kind of things do you want to hear about in this blog besides the new stuff? Songwriting and Composition? The stories behind the songs and CDs? Let me know!

Maura Colvin
Maura Colvin  (about 5 years ago)

I'd love to hear about the inspirations for your pieces...including photos :). Would love to hear also about how you teach composition to your general music stories and how that overlaps with your professional composer/musician career. So excited about your blog!