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Life - Pt. 2

From a moral standpoint - we find lying to be one of life's greatest difficulties. The line is constantly blurred between lying for the purpose of insult and lying for the purpose of protection. From a philosophical prospective - the famous philosopher, Aristotle, in his writing, "Ethics," finds lying an act permissible under no circumstance; while Plato, in his work, "Republic," allows occasional lying only for doctors and statesmen only for the common good of patients and fellow statesmen.

Philosophizing has its perks, as does holding this case of lying under a morality microscope - but as with most everything, the bible will point us in the right direction. Biblical study of lying can easily dovetail into thousands of other instances - so rather than delve into the realm of the evils of lying, why not accept one of the most basic and fundamental commandments laid out for us - Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

Case in point - be yourself in each and every social environment. What benefit is gained by pretending to be one way in front of one group, and being a polar opposite in another? Those who truly love and care about you will accept you for being you and will respect and honor above all else your ability to just be you. God made each and every one of us into our own unique beings, who are we to change our image to accommodate others? Where would we be if it were not for our differences? While some changes are required for adaptation in a new environment, sacrificing morals, values, and opinions should never occur. Too often youth are swept up in a world outside of the walls of their high schools. There is a big, beautiful world out there - Experience it as yourself, as God intended us to experience it.

- Rob Lynch

Life - Pt. 1

With two semesters of college complete, a stark realization has fallen upon me: How do you really know the people you meet in college?

As I made my morning commute the other day, this thought occurred to me and I have pondered it since. Now, you may think, "But Rob, you get to know your friends by seeing them every day and hanging out with them day in and day out." Really? With the exception of those whom we've gone to school with in the past, do we really know where anyone is coming from? The way we act, the things we say, the way we feel are all rooted in our past. When we go to college, we start fresh - we essentially forget our past and can become anyone we want to be! This has its obvious benefits: The meekest of people can now become the social butterfly, the kid who was picked on for being a brain can become the president of the honors society, and the toughest of the football players can finally admit that they love playing the clarinet and play in the college pep band. Everyone can finally let down their guard, accept everyone for who they are (or appear to be) and get along. We look back at our high school days and realize how foolish it was to think that certain people just couldn't be spoken to, and others were just too far below us to even acknowledge.

That's all well and good - time for the opposing side. As aforementioned, we're presented with the opportunity to create a new facade, a new persona, and essentially a new you - starting to see where this can go bad? How can we ever really be sure that we're getting to know the "real" person? When most enter college, they are roughly 18 years old. After four years of college, they're 22 years old. Four years - that is less than one fifth of that person's lifetime.. and we are to believe that we really know a person or a friend?

Obviously, we cannot live our lives searching for those conspiring against us, nor can it be assumed that everyone we meet in college, or in the real world outside of high school and church for that matter, is out to deceive us. But shouldn't we be aware of this possibility? Friendships based on lies and falsities cannot be expected to last. Some of life's best and most trusted friendships are said to developed in our college years, and to think that these bonds are all just based on made up truths from their "past" downright scares me.

Update: 12.31.07

Hey everyone,

Max and I are currently working diligently on the new album, having completed 'Six Eight' earlier this week. If you've seen us live in the last two months, you have probably heard us perform that song. We have a total of nine more tracks to record before draw a pretty picture on Photoshop, argue about how much to sell it for, plead iTunes and Zune to put our music on their sites, and ship it all off to disc makers to get our hard work shrink wrapped. Come out to our big show January 11, 2008 @ Duquesne University to hear some of the new songs that will eventually work their way onto tape. Thanks for the support, everyone!

- Rob