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I'm obsessed.

I'm so unbelievably enthralled by my new music career. I'm just realizing how much I've always wanted this. I've been singing since I was a toddler but I guess my exclusive performances in our family car weren't going to be enough forever. So here I am, on the road to making myself...famous? A star? I suppose I'm going to have to get comfortable saying that. Some day it'll be true. But for right now, I'm giving this project at least four hours a day... making connections with local venues and artists, keeping four profiles updated, recording music, writing songs, building a press kit, etc. I know there is a lot of competition in the world. I've seen plenty of up and coming artists on YouTube who are better than me, but the difference is... I'm not waiting for a Justin Bieber miracle. Some lucky people get discovered, but most just perform in front of their laptop cameras for the rest of their music careers. That doesn't really sound like me. Like I said, I'm not going to wait for my dreams to come true. I'm making that happen right now. But I've also realized I can't do it all by myself. Tess has been helping me get started, and I have gained about 70 very supportive Facebook fans since I created the page last week. Help me get another zero on that number. Even if you don't know anything about music, you can help me by sharing my music with your friends, and telling them to "Like" me on Facebook. As soon I record (which all depends on my dear friend Mia Hammond.........), I'll be selling my music online. Thanks for listening everyone Bridge