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Info: DOWNLOAD FULL MIXTAPE FOR FREE at www.datpiff.com/blueboiproductions also checkout and subscribe to www.youtube.com/jayjay3466 ,www.facebook.com/jayjay346 if you have anything you would like to "SEND" to me jayjay346@gmail.com and dont forget also checkout "pikassofly" on youtube p.s. IM ALWAYS DOWN FOR COLLAB so if anyone want to or would like to just hit me up ASAP

Lets get started well Blueboi Productions is a label and name i'm making for myself becoming my own man im in the music for CHANGE and change of self ,dont let me lose you anyway hummm what im up to is im starting my own FREE BEATs website soon combined with all my info from "clothing line" which is coming soon,Photo Work,"second mixtape" which is called "ONEWAY" is coming soon, other artist will also be featured and recognized

I also will be producing and featuring on other artist songs which will also be posted as a mixtape which is called "Collab" look out for that and FANS I didnt forget about ya'll VIDEOS are coming soon as well, im also will be starting my own comedy show on youtube soon as well which also will be called BlueBoi Productions and yes lol i know how to make people laugh :)with that said no need to explain my personality lol and ladies yes im "single" before ya'll get to asking anyway moving on if there are any questions anything u would like to know just hit me up feel free to ask no matter the questions or topics, signing off BLUEBOI Produtions im in here people