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New start-(Please Read)

-New start- First off we would like to thank everyone who has stuck with us over the years from the bottom of our hearts we are truly blessed to have you...

And to the people who has turned there back talking of old band members or old music...We do not look back we go forward!!!.. Please don't be offended if we don't regurgitate the same song with a different name.. No we will never write another song like rest in peace. No we will never write another song like Addiction.. but what we will do is keep writing bad ass music and we know your missing out if you cant open your mind and appreciate the music for what it is..

We try to produce the music as honest as possible.. Meaning everything you hear on the new tracks are recorded mostly in one take be it vocals, guitar, bass, drums, etc...We aren't trying to be something we are not.. we never have!!.. We don't have a fake label saying we are signed... We don't jack up the music plays to make it seem we are the biggest thing since wonder bread.. We don't form little Detroit band clicks that's about three or four bands and try to push everyone else out (you know who you are) we love jammin with bands that love to jam....

So here we are Nothing to hide behind love us or hate us.. we are what we are... Take a seat Let us show ya somethin!!!

So please allow us to reintroduce ourselves JAMES, Adam T, CHRIS, DAVE