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...almost there- whew!!!

Drove home from Denver- straight shot. Had three long days in the studio up in Ft. Collins CO at Aaron Youngberg's. What a great space with killer mics etc. Listened to the rough's way too much and think we got a good start. The line up on the record is Will Downs- bass, Jake Schepps- banjo, Justin Hoffenberg, Greg Schocket- guitar, bazouki....the hottest players!!!! got 14 tracks, good sound, will need a little more work and since we're heading out of the country for a while probably won't get back in until October- So it's looking like an early '09 release. will keep you updated....now to drive to Chicago via West Virginia. cheers!-v

New CD in the Works!

The wait will soon be over...we've committed to recording a new record, finally, and go into the studio the last week of June. We're incredibly excited, have a bunch of new songs and have recruited an unbelievable line-up. It's been difficult to imagine recording the last few years as things started getting from crazy to crazier. Between moving to Nashville, Katrina, a non-stop tour schedule for over 4 years and generally trying to hold things together it was a looming shadow in the back of our minds...not to mention an often asked question- brushed aside by vague promises on our part. We had plenty of material, but none of it felt quite right, plenty of great musician friends, but none in the same place...finally, while on tour in Colorado this March, Jake Schepps casually mentioned that maybe we'd think about recording out West. It's our good fortune he did, because suddenly the idea turned (very quickly) into the best idea- EVER! Will keep you posted...

We've discovered ReverbNation

Thanks to Garian and Jake we're convinced, after several tedious month of prodding, that this is the way to go...we'll be updating, working and using Reverbnation...so sign up and we'll keep in touch!