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Logn time, no blog!

Hey guys,

Sorry it seems forever since we have had a blog going on but it has been because we are super busy.

January was an epic month! We started the month off with a great show at the Gothic and had a huge turn out of fans, as always thank you for coming to support! Two weeks later we took Denver by storm and won 2nd place in the 1st round of Denver's Battle of the bands. The concert was at Cervantes and it went fantastic. Look out for round 2!

Round 2 is the final round and the 1st place wins $5,000 and 20 hrs of recording time! Please come support it would mean the world to us! We need you to go crazy and scream your hearts out for us! The only details we have so far is that it will be on May 27th, so clear you calendars. We will be sure to keep you updated on tickets and times. February has been fun already! We played on the Metro College campus and won 2nd place with their battle of bands(: We are on a roll, we just need to get to 1st place but we will get there, and soon!

Our last show was at Sidekick's with our great VooDoo family. We also got to play with good friends and new bands, it was a really fun night!

As always it is fun to play with all the local bands. Fortunately we have made great friends in the past year and our shows are getting so much more exciting -- if you haven't come out to a show yet, be sure to catch us this year! We also have eyes on recording, starting in March so keep an eye out for new material!

Peace out!


We need our fans!

January is going to be a fast paced, intense month. Our first show of the year will be at the Gothic for only $8. We now have a sponsor, VooDoo Productions, and we really wanna show them that we have a great fan base. Then on January 15th we need EVERYONE to come to Cervantes for a huge battle of the bands. We have a great opportunity to win! If we win we go directly to the recording studio. So be there! Scream for us and mosh. We wanna see you guys go crazy so go crazy with us! If you can't make it to either show, we have a show on January 28th at Sidekick's salooon. Hope to see you soon!

The end of 2011

Well this year fucking rocked! We got the chance to play a bunch of shows and see a lot of new fans while reconnecting with the fans from the beginning. Thank you for all of your support! We also were able to be played on the radio, channel 93.3! That was beyond exciting. It was so cool to truly be herd and we can't wait to be back on the radio. We have submitted our music to Channel 93.3 again in hopes to be apart of the Home Town for the Holidays concert, so keep your ears open and we will keep you updated because we will need all of our fans support! The new year will be bringing new and great things! We look to be getting the first ever Until Midnight T-shirts, can't wait! If you already know you want one email us and we will make sure we have one saved for you! Untilmidnightrocks@gmail.com We also look to be a large part of VooDoo production during 2012. We are excited to work with VooDoo and see what is to come!

Hey guys!

So last week was an eventful week. Tuesday we were on MileHighUnderGround.com for our acoustic set and interview. Then on Friday we had an awsome rollercoaster of a night at Sidekick's Saloon. Things started off rough but we pulled through by doing an acoustic set until our drummer was able to show. Then we rocked out hard and spent the night with the fans. It was a great ladies night, seeing a lot of old friends, new fans and extremly loyal fans that brought together a totally different crowd. The night was very enjoyable and we can't wait to get back to Sidekick's, on November 4th. To wrap up this weekend, Until Midnight had our premire radio debut on Channel 93.3 It was incredible hearing our song "With In Reach and Reason" broadcasted during the locals only show on Sunday. Thank you to all the fans that stayed up late to listen and who let the djs know that they enjoyed our music. Remember, you can email the dj, Alf and let him know how you feel: On air: 8pm - 12am Sundays Call: 303-631-2-933 Email: alf933@gmail.com Thanks everyone! And just a sneek peak, the veido for "With In Reach and Reason," is almost ready to premire! And we also have a bunch of new material that we have been working on. ~Peace

MileHighUnderGround Radio!

Last night we were lucky to go to the MileHighUnderGround.com studio. It was a great involvement. We were on air for an hour, filled with a great interview and acoustic set. Our demo was also played. Overall the radio show had a between 300- 400 listeners. It was an awsome growing oppertunity and we had a lot of fun.

The Crazy Old man

On Sunday, September 25th we were in the process of shooting our first music video. Standing in the open fields of Elbert county we blared or song "With in Reach and Reason." The crazy old man that lived next door came over screaming--"Turn that fucking music down!" Gets those kids inside!" Luckily we had Dan and Jax's insane father to stand up for us as we continued to play. It was only 3pm and there are no sound restraints in Elbert county. He threw out threats to "shoot the old man if he did not get off the Storti's property." It was a massive argument which we caught on audio recordings. Afterwards, Don Storti told us the story that in 1991 he attempted to be a good neighbor and introduce himself and his family to the elderly neighbors but the old man refused to be friendly. Tell the Storti family away by screaming at them to go "fuck themselves." Ahh such a great first video shoot and behind the scenes material. Our first official music video will be released in mid October, stay tuned!


Wow Everyone! A lot has changed for Until Midnight over this past summer. We have been playing a bunch of shows and we look forward to playing so many more before the end of the year. We have gone from playing small hometown shows at local bars to playing places like Bender's Tavern, Bushwacker's Saloon, Sidekick's Saloon, and many more to now playing regularly at Cervantes in Denver, The Rock Star lounge and the Gothic Theater. Thank you to all of our fans that have been with us from the beginning, some even coming to all of our shows. We now have new stickers that will be handed out at shows. Feel free to contact us as you please!